About Brewed Coffee Guide

Brewed Coffee Guide is created to give you the most actionable, complete and practical coffee guides today.

Welcome my fellow Coffeeholics! 

My name is Kurt Parker and I am addicted to coffee since my adolescent years.

Since then I drink coffee when I’m sad, happy, tired, excited and every emotions in between. In short, ALL-THE-TIME.

So I decided to take my coffee-making game to the next level so I did lots of research, testing, adjustments, repeat, until I achieved the taste that will give justice to coffee.

I don’t have any barista experience nor the education to qualify as one BUT I have a ton of data, experience and a huge network of coffee-enthusiasts all over the world to verify whatever I write in here.

Our Team

For this project, I organized a team with very similar passion – to Brew the Best Coffee.

They help me with all the technical duties we need so that I can what I do best, sharing my knowledge!

Note: Every guide I wrote is based on first-hand experience and hundreds of ruined cups in my experiments, until I achieved the perfect brew.

Also, we will only publish if it has already been verified by several seasoned and well-rounded baristas with unbiased opinions.

coffee team

What to do next?

Since you are here, it means you are looking to level-up you brewing skills as well – for yourself, family or even your career.

Regardless of your reasons, these guides can help you:

Or if you are interested on first-hand practical knowledge, you may

We hope you will have the best experience in reading and applying all the knowledge we share in here.

For feedbacks and suggestions, you may contact us here.