Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker

Having a good coffee maker in your life nowadays is essential. Therefore, finding a good quality coffee maker is a must, but with so many options out there, how do you choose the best one for you?

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Our team have narrowed down the list of the best 5-cup coffee makers today, which are perfect for newbies and coffee aficionados out there so you’ll have a coffee all day long.

What’s in this article:

Main Considerations in Buying 5-cup Coffee Makers

Criteria to Find the Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers

The Top 5 Best 5 Cup Coffee Makers

Check out our list below to help you find the best 5 cup coffee maker today.

#1 Capresso Mini Drip Coffee Maker – Best Overall

Capresso Mini Drip Coffee Maker

Don’t underestimate the size of this 5-cup coffee maker because it can do a lot of things. One of the reasons we rated it as our best overall is because it’s rich in features. First, it’s programmable, which is perfect for multi-taskers out there, or simply those with busy schedules.

With this best 5-cup coffee maker, you can leave ground coffee in the filter and program it to start brewing any time you want. It’s very useful at night so the next day when you wake up, you already have a fresh cup of coffee waiting for you. And with that, you get to save more time.

Another awesome feature is the auto-shutdown feature. The coffee maker will turn off two hours after it brews coffee. Moreover, it’s known for its brewing quality because of how it utilizes hot water. The multiple jets ensure that the coffee grounds are evenly watered down at the right temperature. With that, you get to save more on paper filters.

Brewing five cups in one go? You don’t need to wait for a long time. Its brewing speed is just remarkable and you can even take a cup of joe with you even while it’s brewing, and that’s all thanks to its drip-stop feature. Get this best 5 cup coffee maker today!

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#2 Amazon Basics Drip Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe – Most Easy to Use

Amazon Basics Drip Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

If you’re a newbie in the coffee-making game, then this Amazon Basics Drip Coffee Maker is an excellent choice. The coffee maker easy to control and use. Also, it’s compact so you can put it almost anywhere and bring it with your easily.

Now, going back to its ease of use, the brewing process is straightforward. You only need to place your coffee grounds on top of the coffee maker and pour water into it. There is also an indicator where you can see the water level.

Also, the hot plate will keep your coffee warm. However, since it comes with a glass carafe that is so easy to clean, you also need to be careful when handling it while it’s hot.

Another great thing about this 5-cup coffee maker is that you can use the coffee filter many times, which means you can save more money on paper filters. And that’s not all there is to it; it also has an anti-drip function that lets you pour a cup of joe while brewing, and when it becomes too hot, there’s an auto-shutoff feature for an added safety feature.

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#3 Zojirushi EC-DAC50 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker – Best for Small Spaces

Zojirushi EC-DAC50 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for something compact, will save you more space, and doesn’t come with any parts, such as the tank, carafe, and filter area, this Zokirushi 5-Cup Drip coffee maker is the one for you.

In place of the filter, the coffee machine comes with a dencanter carafe instead, while the water tank is compact and eays to use. It’s easy to mistake that the coffee maker doesn’t come with a water tank at first glance.

Moreover, it features a unique charcoal water filter that purifies the water. It also comes with a Keep Warm button to keep your coffee hot for a longer period.

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#4 Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker – Best for Aesthetics

Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker

Are you looking for a 5-cup coffee maker that will add more aesthetic appeal to your kitchen? Look no further, because this Holsten Housewares coffee maker is just the perfect addition. Why? Because of its unique teal color! Not a fan of teal? It comes in red, yellow, and mint, too!

Indeed, this coffee maker is an attention-grabber that can brighten up your place. But it’s not just about the looks, though. The coffee maker ensures an easy operation with one-touch and brew-pause features so you don’t have to wait. It also comes with additional accessories to make the whole coffee-making process a lot easier.

It also has a glass carafe that’s easy to clean and a side view water window so you can monitor the water levels inside.

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#5 Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker – Best Value for Money

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

If you don’t mind spending a bit more for a 5-cup coffee maker, this one by Mr. Coffee is an excellent choice. The brand is one of the most popular today when it comes to coffee machines. This particular coffee maker is among their smaller varieties that come with programmable features.

The coffee maker comes with a delayed brewing feature, but it also allows you to set a time to start brewing. It also comes with a brewing strength selection so you can control how strong you want your coffee to be.

Moreover, the coffee maker comes with a stainless steel carafe that can retain heat much longer. Also, the stainless steel gives the coffee maker a sleeker look that makes it a great addition to virtually any space.

It also comes with a Mr. Coffee Water Filtration disk and frame for better-tasting coffee.

We rate this coffee maker as the best value for money because of the premium functions that come with it. And of course, it’s stylish look that will make it perfect for any place.

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Main Considerations in Buying 5-cup Coffee Makers

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To make the coffee maker buying experience even better, check out some of the things you need to consider:


Depending on the coffee maker you choose to buy, you need to be mindful of the paper filters you will need. Some coffee makers will require cone-shaped paper filters, while others will require flat ones.

The thing is, for better extraction, it’s always best to use cone-shaped paper filters. However, when it comes to accessibility, it’s easier to find flat paper filters today. You can also opt to use a reusable coffee filter.


It’s easy to go overboard when buying coffee makers because you can easily get swayed by the features that come with it. However, if you don’t want to spend so much money on a coffee maker, it’s best to have a budget.

Set a budget by researching the best 5-cup coffee makers to help you out. Also, be mindful of upsells and additional features—make sure they will be useful to you; otherwise, it’s better to skip them altogether.


Your coffee maker should blend with its surroundings, and it should take just the right amount of space. For example, if you want something that is aesthetic, then check out coffeemakers that come in various colors.


The carafe is an essential part of your coffee maker. Unfortunately, it often goes overlooked. Don’t let this happen to you! Coffee makers may come with two types of carafes—glass and stainless steel.

Glass is the standard because it allows you to easily see how much coffee is inside the pot. Additionally, a glass carafe is easy to clean. However, the drawback is the heat because it won’t be cool to touch.

On the other hand, a stainless steel carafe is a luxurious choice that is more expensive compared to glass. Why? It can hold heat well and it’s cool to touch. The downside? A stainless steel carafe takes more effort to clean.

The choice is still up to you, you just need to be mindful of the type of carafe you choose when on the market for a coffee machine.


Finally,  the features add value to the coffee maker, which is why you need to pay close attention to this. Are you looking for something that is programmable? Or do you want something with brew pause features? List down the important features for you so you can filter out your search.

Another thing is the hot plate. Hot plates can keep your coffee warm longer. However, some coffee makers don’t come with a hot plate. So, if you want a coffee maker that will stay warm much longer, then find a coffee machine that comes with a hot plate.

You should also determine if the carafe is dishwasher safe. If you hate washing dishes manually, then it’s best that you choose a coffee pot that is dishwasher safe.

Criteria to Find the Best Five Cup Coffee Makers

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There is a lot to consider when buying coffee gears like coffee makers especially if you are just considering 5-cup variants. Here are some of them:


This criteria measures the number of buttons you need to press ignorer to get the best coffee benefits in the morning. The lesser, the better.

Type of Coffee

This criteria measures the quantity of coffees you can brew in the machine. The more, the better.

Brewing Size

This criteria has at least 5 cups because we are just considering 5-cup variants. But generally, the more the better.

Extra Features

This criteria is for the additional features aside from brewing coffee alone like milk frother, options to keep coffee warm, etc. The more the Better.

If you decide that 4 cups is enough for you, we also have the best 4 cup coffee makers in one of our lists.

Final words…

The 5-cup coffee makers we listed in this post are perfect for any household. We guarantee that these coffee makers are all high-quality as they come from reputable brands.

We choose Capresso Mini Drip Coffee Maker as the best overall because it has a lot of features that would make your like easier aside from it being able to brew five cups of joe in one go.

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