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Best Chicory Coffee

December 29, 2021 | Kurt Parker

chicory coffee beans

Finding the best Chicory coffee can be tough as Chicory coffee is just an alternative. More so, Chicory coffee is often recommended as a healthier alternative to the usual brew if you’re wanting to cut back on your caffeine intake.

This lower caffeine option is made from the roasted and ground root of the chicory(Cichorium intybus) plant and has a flavor that’s strikingly similar to ordinary coffee. I, too, am a coffee addict who finds it difficult to resist coffee. However, I limit myself to two-three cups every day. That is all there is to it. So, if I ever feel like I need something more, I turn to chicory coffee.
Drink chicory coffee

Now that you’re here, I’m pretty sure you want to know the best chicory coffees there are in the market. You’ve come to the right space.

Here, I and my whole coffeeholic team researched, drank and, looked for the best chicory coffee so you’ll have an easy time finding them and buying them.

What’s in this article:

What is chicory?
What Is the Taste of Chicory?
Chicory coffee varieties
Benefits of Chicory Coffees

The 5 Best Chicory Coffees

Read on to know our 5 best Chicory coffee.

1. Rasa Herbal Koffee – Best Overall


Rasa Adaptogenic Herbal Koffee Alternative

We’ve tried a lot of other coffee substitutes, and Rasa is by far the best! We combined the Original, Cacao and add coffee. It’s excellent, and we can tell the adaptogens make a difference. You cannot expect the extra benefit. But it does have this relaxing impact to make your day better.

If you wanted to be able to have more than one cup of coffee in the morning without feeling guilty. Then this coffee is good for you.

It’s also delicious! We’ve tried a lot of other kinds of chicory coffee, but this one from Honey Colony is by far the favorite. The combination contains a variety of organic herbs. This provides several advantages without the typical coffee crash, jitters, or sleep disruption.

If you prefer organic coffees, you may proceed to our list of the best organic coffee beans.

Viable Combinations

It’s created of reishi, chicory, burdock, and he sou wu, among other ingredients (old black-haired in English). These substances, when combined, make a drink that protects your liver. It also lowers inflammation, reduces stress, regulates blood pressure, heals skin. It also soothes arthritic pain, reduces wrinkles, and much more.

Of course, patience is required; this will not occur after one cup! A morning cup of Rasa Original brew is one to have. This is because some people can have caffeine sensitivity (even decaf may be too much ). So when you get to drink this coffee, that risk will be reduced.

If you’ve never been a coffee drinker but always craved a warm, earthy, nutritious, invigorating morning beverage.

Then, coming across Rasa will make you overjoyed. What more could you want than a woman-run business with a delectable product?

Some people may not like the flavor at first. This is especially true in comparison to the delicious chocolate blend and the rich and silky coffee. Yet this works well if mixed with equal parts coffee every morning and it will surely be a staple.

2. Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory – Most Premium


 Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory, 15 Ounce Ground

Café Du Monde’s Chicory coffee has a robust and rich taste. It comes in a convenient can with a cover, and it’s also simple to prepare and serve. You can enjoy this chicory goodness in the privacy of your own home. Since the early 1880s, this iconic New Orleans landmark has been located in the French Market.

People say that caffeine causes anxiety, and many have tried a variety of natural non-coffee brands, but they never taste like coffee and don’t provide them the energy they require in the morning. This is the only coffee people found that matches their needs.

Strong but Flavorful

When you taste strong coffee, it usually doesn’t keep its flavor when it is brewed lesser. This is since the flavor is diminished when the amount of dry grounds used is reduced.

For a full list of the strongest coffee brands, click here.

We’re happy to say that this is not the case with this coffee. Regardless, how strong or weak you make it, the flavor remains consistent. The taste is fantastic.

With a pinch of chicory, it’s silky smooth. One of those tastes that you have to try to appreciate. Drinking this coffee makes you discover a new favorite, and it reminds you of old times.

We’re seeking caffeine-free options. This one is stronger in terms of fragrance, flavor, and caffeine content than the French market mix. When we initially opened the tin, we weren’t a fan of the aroma, but it has a strong flavor. One thing we dislike about both coffee brands is that neither mention the caffeine content nor the coffee: chicory ratio.

We recommend that you try both. We suppose you prefer the flavor of the one from the French market, but we prefer lighter flavors. You’ll also receive 3 oz. With a $2-3 differential, this brand costs more than the French market.

3. Worldwide Botanicals Organic French Chicory Root – Best All-Purpose Grind


 Worldwide Botanicals Organic French Chicory Root

This chicory coffee that’s acid-free and caffeine-free is a great buy. The brand’s coffee grind is all-purpose, so you can make the grind in a drip, espresso, or french press. You can even steep it in a mesh strainer in a tea kettle. What we like best about this item is that brand is using sustainable farming in Northern France.

Freshly Roasted!

They offer quality and freshly roasted chicory. They import the chicory every two months and it has a shelf life of three years. QAI also certifies this product as organic. The coffee is 100% free of caffeine, it’s also gluten-free and free of acid.

The brand’s experience of sourcing premier botanicals for 40 years makes them unique. It is worth noting that, Worldwide Botanicals develops and collaborates with suppliers. They do this to bring the best quality botanicals to market. Their botanicals are not the cheapest, but they are the best.

Like most of the chicory brands we reviewed, it’s a great product, however the price is a bit expensive. This, when combined with dandelion and licorice root, tastes almost identical to coffee.

You can use approximately 1/8 of a cup of coffee to get a little coffee flavor and caffeine, but not so much that it is harmful to your health.

This has no acidity, and when we tasted it, it’s actually difficult to tell the difference; if you gave this to someone without telling them, they’d probably have no idea it wasn’t coffee. Surprisingly, it may have the same impact as coffee in terms of intestinal cleansing.

The taste is incredible!

When you can’t get moving, this gets you going! This stuff is tasty, but if you’re not used to bitterness, be prepared. Personally, people who may need bitter food for liver repair, can prefer it over coffee. You can drink it like coffee, but you can also combine 1 tablespoon with 2 teaspoons of organic medium roast coffee, coconut sugar, and oat milk to make a smoothie. Fiber is also really important for our health, and since this product contains fiber, then it’s a good steal.

It has a pleasant flavor that is slightly bitter but not as much as coffee. It does not have the same strong fragrance as coffee though.

It has a full-bodied, creamy taste. This is a fantastic coffee substitute. Don’t get us wrong: we’ve been coffee drinkers for a long time. This creamy and rich coffee replacement, on the other hand, is fantastic. It’s smoother than coffee, caffeine-free, and simple to sip all day. There are some genuine digestive and health advantages as well. You can also mix it with coffee (we recommend a 1:1 ratio).

4. Leroux Instant Chicory Coffee – Best Instant


Leroux Regular Instant Chicory 3.5oz/100g 2 Jars

You might not have time to get out of the French press to prepare a cup of coffee if you’re in a hurry.

Instant coffee, however, is quick and convenient. Even if the flavor profile isn’t as robust or full-bodied as french pressed coffee.

With soluble chicory root granules, Leroux provides the same convenience. Because Leroux is a French firm, its products are imported. This makes this coffee more costly than others.

The flavor of Leroux is modest, but, bitter overtones can be detected.

Leroux Instant Chicory with Chocolate is a ready-to-drink combination. This is with a roasted and caramelized flavor and a cocoa undertone.

Instant chicory with cocoa is gluten-free. It is also a caffeine-free blend. You can use it on its own or add full-bodied flavor and fiber to tea and coffee.

The product is excellent. Our taste buds enjoy it, and the health advantages it provides astound us. Because of the positive feedback, we bought many of these coffee goodness.

It adds a fantastic caramel flavor to milk. It is also an instant powder that may be dissolved in cold or warm drinks and is healthy. The Leroux brand is the most popular in Europe. Since France imports this product, it is a little pricey, but a jar lasts a long time.

Chicory cocoa powder, which is smoother and sweeter, is also available from Leroux.

Mixing chicory with hot chocolate improves the drinking experience. Such that it already has earthy characteristics which makes it flavorful. We recommend the two alternatives, especially because chicory coffee has very little caffeine.

5. French Market Coffee, Coffee and Chicory – Most Budget-Friendly


 French Market Coffee, Coffee and Chicory

This medium-dark roast mix of Arabica coffee and chicory is called Chicory coffee. This is often recommended as a healthier alternative to the usual brew. Such that, you may opt for this coffee if you’re wanting to cut back on your caffeine intake.

This lower-caffeine option is made from the roasted and ground root of the chicory (Cichorium intybus) plant. It has a flavor that’s similar to ordinary coffee.

Blended with chicory, this is a high-quality coffee. If you use half and half instead of cream, the coffee is very smooth with a clean finish. For a particularly smooth cup, we like to mix a teaspoon of coffee creamer with half and half. This is a must-try, especially if you enjoy Newman’s Own. This thick, fragrant coffee is one of our favorites. It has a smokey, chocolate flavor from the chicory. It’s not at all bitter.

This is the ideal coffee for individuals who enjoy the rich, strong flavor of New Orleans coffee.

The dark roast coffee, which has been served in New Orleans’ best restaurants for over a century, is slow roasted in small quantities and finely milled to release robust coffee flavor. Take a sip and let the strong coffee taste of this New Orleans staple wash over you. Other notes/flavors we detected: cocoa powder, sweet, nutty

This item isn’t ranked as our Best Value for no reason. With a price tag of around $5, you’re getting a lot of bang for your cash. This roast is excellent, and you’ll forget you’re drinking such low-cost coffee and chicory. It is Kosher-certified, so dietary restrictions will not prevent you from enjoying this fantastic mix.

This mix has something for everyone. This is due mostly to the flexibility to alter your roast and caffeine amount.

What we enjoyed most?

What we enjoyed best about this coffee which is French Market coffee, was that it had a roast for everyone on our staff.

It had supplies whether they didn’t want decaf and just wanted a cup at night, like light roasts, or were hooked to dark roasts. We might even be able to achieve 100 percent chicory!

The price of the chicory coffee mix we were drinking was unbelievable to us. This is the product for folks on a budget who want a delicious, personalized cup of chicory coffee blend.

What drawbacks should you be aware of?

Because there are several roast stages, less attention is paid to each one, resulting in imperfect roasts. Even though this is a fantastic cup of coffee and chicory combination, you still get what you paid for.

Also, the ratio of chicory to coffee is incorrect, with stronger flavors of both depending on whatever mix you get. Overall, this chicory coffee mix has something for everyone and is a fantastic value for the money.

If you have preference on the roast level you can refer to this list for specific coffee beans that suits you.

What is chicory?

roasted chicory

Chicory coffee is caffeine-free by nature. Chicory is a caffeine-free plant that is often used as a coffee alternative. It’s well recognized for its dark, rich flavor in New Orleans coffee (or “chicory coffee”) recipes.

But it may also be brewed and savored on its own. Chicory is one of your greatest alternatives for a coffee-like experience.

The taste is extremely similar to ordinary coffee, but there is no caffeine in it.

You can make your decaf coffee and chicory blend, which will still include caffeine but in lesser amounts (5-15 mg/cup).

What Is the Taste of Chicory?

The flavor of ground chicory root is comparable to that of ground coffee beans. Warm, nutty, woody, and earthy are some of the adjectives used to characterize its flavor.

Chicory leaves may be consumed raw, yet, they are bitter. Bitterness can be reduced by cooking or blanching.

responsibly sourced coffee beans

Chicory coffee varieties:

Chicory coffee may be consumed in a variety of ways, as we’ve seen.

Chicory coffee comes in two varieties.

One variety is caffeine-free, manufactured wholly of chicory root or with caffeine-free components.

The other form, which includes caffeine, is created by brewing normal coffee with ground chicory root that has been roasted.

The determination of the amount of caffeine present in the latter variety is the ratio of coffee to chicory in the brew.


If you want 100 percent pure chicory root, soluble granules are the way to go. You may wish to use a filter because these particles are somewhat big. They are bigger than typical coffee grounds. Otherwise, you’ll have to soak them for a few minutes to get them to dissolve .

Ground-up roots are one of the simplest methods to create chicory coffee.

The method of preparation is like that of ordinary coffee, so you can use a drip coffee machine or a French press to create it.

Chicory and coffee are a great combination.

The best way to get more caffeine in your drink is to buy a chicory/coffee blend. Most products, as we’ve seen, combine the two components for a smoother outcome.

Coffee with chicory

exotic coffee beans

The use of chicory as a replacement dates back to colonial America. Yet, experts are unsure when chicory became a coffee replacement.

This French influence was responsible for the introduction of chicory and other herbs. Blockades and trade concerns kept people from receiving their coffee delivery.

Yet, chicory consumption soared across the United States. This is even during the Civil War. People all around the country began to turn their backs on chicory.

This happened when the war ended, except for Louisiana, New Orleans.

Chicory is now drunk with coffee and warm milk.

Many others, choose to consume this drink produced from the delicious chicory root.

Benefits of Chicory Coffees

chicory root coffee

Caffeine-free by nature

Chicory coffee might help you cut down on your caffeine intake.

Coffee beans are roasted, ground, and brewed to make regular coffee. The quantity of caffeine present in a regular cup of joe varies depending on lots factors. Among them are the types of coffee beans used, the serving/cup size, and the style of coffee roast.

If you want to cut down on your caffeine intake, it might be a decent coffee alternative. However, there is no evidence that chicory coffee has any health advantages. Such that, there is no indication that it is any healthier than ordinary coffee. Still, if you appreciate its flavor and aren’t sensitive to it, feel free to incorporate it into your diet.

It might not be suitable for everyone.

chicory coffee blends

Although chicory coffee has been linked to a variety of health advantages, it is not for everyone. Chicory may cause an allergic reaction in some people. Overdoing it on caffeine, though, may lead to a variety of health problems, including irregular heart rhythms and anxiety. As a result, many medical professionals advise that you restrict your caffeine intake to 400 mg per day (about four cups of ordinary coffee).

Final Words

Chicory flavor

After reviewing our top Chicory coffee brands, it’s time to decide which option is right for you. It’s never easy to choose between numerous outstanding coffees, but we might be able to help you narrow down your options.

To summarize, we preferred the Rasa Herbal Koffee.

We chose this chicory coffee because it’s really helpful for those who want to have a calm coffee experience yet still craves the warm, strong, and earthly impact of coffee.

Try adding some excellent additives to your chicory coffee when you prepare it at home. Chicory café au late is also a good option if you know how to create a latte.

Because there is no difference in how this coffee is served compared to conventional coffee, you can explore brewing methods on it. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to prefer chicory to coffee.

Read our guides to know more about coffee.