7 Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino

7 Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino
Searching for the best coffee beans for cappuccino isn’t a trivial task. For coffee drinkers, this means countless hours of testing and dilemma.

After all, you can’t have your favorite cappuccino without the perfect ingredient.

But what type of coffee bean should you choose? Do you need a medium roast or dark roast coffee beans? Or do you need something else?

Don’t fret. Here, we have listed some of the finest cappuccino coffee beans today. You should check each one of them and see which fits your preferences.

In this guide you’ll read about:

How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino

Without further ado, Let’s get started!

1. Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend – Best Overall

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

  • Why we love it – Its mild, creamy medium espresso roast is flavorful. It has an authentic Italian blend that you can’t find in any cheap brands. Furthermore, it only contains whole coffee. No nuts or whatsoever.
  • Coffee beans– Robusta and Arabica
  • Origins – Italy
  • Flavor notes – Roasted hazelnut with hints of brown sugar
  • Ratings – 4.6 out of 5

Positive Reviews

  • Drinkers of Lavazza Super Crema shared that this product has a fresh taste. It enabled them to make cappuccinos and lattes out of the beans. Furthermore, the cream that it produces is velvety.

Negative Reviews

  • Some people who bought this coffee bean complained about its packaging. Upon opening the package, they said that it came with several damaged and chipped beans. But that still didn’t affect its flavor.

Lavazza is among Italy’s most charming coffee brands. It’s been on the Italian market for more than 120 years already. Its manufacturer has the experience and technology to make great-tasting beans.

This one delivers a full-bodied taste to your taste buds. It doesn’t taste bland as compared to other coffee beans.

The blend of Arabica and Robusta beans is the coffee’s key feature. The Arabica provides it with a smooth taste and light body. Meanwhile, the Robusta adds crema and slight bitterness to your drink.

Its unique composition made it a favorite among cappuccino and latte enthusiasts. For its price, it doesn’t disappoint at all.

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2. Death Wish Coffee Ground Coffee Dark Roast – Most Intense Flavor

Death Wish Coffee Ground Coffee Dark Roast

  • Why we love it – This coffee is the world’s strongest. And that’s not a bluff. Each of its grinds can provide flavorful and full-bodied coffee. It can energize your day in an instant.
  • Coffee beans– Arabica and Robusta
  • Origins – India and Peru
  • Flavor notes – Full-bodied with subtle notes of chocolate and cherry
  • Ratings – 4.7 out of 5

Positive Reviews

  • The dark roasted beans of Death Wish Coffee are among the best there is. Cappuccino lovers enjoy the strength and bold flavor that it produces. Moreover, it has a clean taste. It’s organic and has no trace of chemicals.

Negative Reviews

  • The Arabica and Robusta beans of this coffee are too strong for some people. It might not be suitable for those who are always jittery.

You deserve to immerse yourself in perfect cappuccinos. And this bean coffee grind from Death Wish Coffee will make that happen.

The freshly roasted beans are smooth and sumptuous. It is never bitter at all. In fact, its chocolate and cherry flavor notes are pretty riveting.

The organic quality of this product is also a reason why many people love it. It has numerous organic certifications such as Fair Trade and USDA. It can give you the boost that you need without any artificial ingredients.

Death Wish Coffee roasts in small batches. It results in consistency and freshness in flavor. Less than 65 pounds of beans per batch undergo the roasting process.

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3. Verena Street Shot Tower Espresso Beans – Best For Rich Crema

Verena Street Shot Tower Espresso Beans

  • Why we love it – No bitterness is present in its dark roasted beans. It has a flavor aroma and a full body at the same time. Meanwhile, its creamy and sweet notes allow you to enjoy a good cappuccino.
  • Coffee beans – Arabica
  • Origins – Central and South America
  • Flavor notes – Smooth body with bold roast taste
  • Ratings – 4.7 out of 5

Positive Reviews

  • Many love the signature espresso blend of Verena Street. People who tried it said that it has a delicate balance in aroma and taste. It is an ideal coffee bean that you can use in a specialty coffee shop.

Negative Reviews

  • A few people disliked its aroma. For them, the scent of the whole beans is too much. Of course, that doesn’t affect the overall quality of the coffee.

Your espresso machines will love having the Verena Street Shot Tower Espresso Beans. It can produce rich cream that is useful for different milk-based beverages. Pairing it with frothed milk gives you an espresso shot that you can’t get enough of.

Interestingly, its full-bodied flavor remains smooth. As a result, you can also use the beans to grind drip coffee. Moreover, you can ensure that it doesn’t possess any bitter flavor.

The quality of the Verana whole beans is due to their sustainable sourcing. They are from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. These areas harvest coffees with chemical-free composition.

Meanwhile, the roasting of these high-quality coffee beans occurs in Iowa. Verana’s family-owned coffee company is the one that supervises this intricate process.

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4. Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass – Best For Dark Roasts

Kicking Horse Coffee Kick Ass

  • Why we love it – Kick Ass is a Fair Trade coffee with no bad taste. It has the best coffee beans for dark roasts. It also has many organic certifications such as Fair Trade and KosherCheck.
  • Coffee beans – Arabica
  • Origins – Indonesia and South America
  • Flavor notes – Dark chocolate and sweet vanilla
  • Ratings – 4.6 out of 5

Positive Reviews

  • The Kick Ass has a selection of the right coffee beans. Many users said that its Indonesian Arabica beans usher a bold taste and rich aroma. People also said that it serves as a perfect base for artisan coffee.

Negative Reviews

  • There’s a little bit of inconsistency when it comes to these coffee beans. Others said that its complexity isn’t as great as other coffees.

The quality of dark roasts differs from one brand to another. But we can easily say that this Kick Horse Coffee is in a different league. It doesn’t taste bitter. But its sweet taste doesn’t overwhelm its bold flavor.

One package of Kick Ass contains 2.2 pounds of whole beans. At the same time, it also includes 10 ounces of fine grind. You are free to make any artisan coffee and milk-based drink in your kitchen.

Its Fair Trade certification guarantees that it is from responsible sourcing. This sustainable approach benefits the farmers and drinkers simultaneously. Furthermore, the Kick Ass provides the best beans that there are.

We also found out that it is suitable for those that have acid refluxes. The coffee beans don’t trigger symptoms of acidity and nervousness. Such a quality is for an espresso shot made from dark roasts.

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5. BLK & Bold La Guadalupe Honduras Single Origin Coffee – Best For Light Roasts

BLK & Bold La Guadalupe Honduras Single Origin Coffee

  • Why we love it – It is an enjoyable light roast whole bean coffee. It removes jitters and anxiety, thanks to its soothing sensation. We also find its flavor profile downright sophisticated.
  • Coffee beans – Arabica
  • Origins – Honduras
  • Flavor notes – Honey, caramel, and creamy body
  • Ratings – 4.5

Positive Reviews

  • The coffee beans are great for making traditional cappuccino drinks. At the same time, people also use this single-origin coffee in brewing cappuccino scuro and cappuccino chiaro. It is versatile, as many people claim.

Negative Reviews

  • A few users commented that its flavor is more of a medium roast instead of light. Such a nuance doesn’t ruin its quality. However, it might surprise those that have sensitive tongues.

You’ll never get wrong with this single-origin coffee. First of all, it is delicious. It easily rivals the best beans today.

Moreover, it is smooth without being too dark or heavy. The espresso coffee that it makes showcases consistency and richness. Every sip delivers satisfying results.

Furthermore, it arrives fresh at your doorsteps. The bean’s roasting date has a schedule so that they won’t stay long in the inventory. You may even notice oil sheen on this coffee product.

Its roasting process is in small batches, too. The manufacturer roasts the Arabica whole bean coffee inside a 12-ounce bag. The said bag has a one-way gas valve to preserve its utmost freshness.

Buying this coffee also lets you help a noble cause. Five percent of the company’s profits go to youth support groups throughout the world.

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6. Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee – Best For French Roast

Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee

  • Why we love it – The graciousness of the Starbucks Dark Roast Coffee is something else. This 32-count K-Cup pod contains fresh French Roast beans. It is an ideal choice for Keurig brewers.
  • Coffee beans – Arabica beans
  • Origins – South and Central America
  • Flavor notes – Smoky and intense
  • Ratings – 4.8

Positive Reviews

  • The Starbucks Espresso Dark Roast has an explosive flavor. People enjoy its authentic Arabica coffee beans. It has the same quality as the ones they brew in their cafe.

Negative Reviews

  • Some people wish that this product was a little bit cheaper. But if you have the money, buying it is worthwhile.

As we mentioned, the dark roasted beans are suitable for Keurig brewers. But even if you are not a fan of Keurig, you’ll still love its K-cups. It is a supreme quality that you can only find in this brand.

This dark roast is the perfect espresso drink. Pairing it with steamed milk brings impactful tasting notes. At the same time, it has subtle hints of dark chocolate in its flavor.

The high-quality Starbucks espresso bean is due to its organic sourcing. The beans came from the “Coffee Belt” countries, which ensures their quality. Moreover, the processing follows strict ethical standards.

This coffee has low acidity. It creates straight espresso shots without making you jittery in the morning!

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7. SF Bay Coffee Fog Chaser Whole Bean – Most Affordable

SF Bay Coffee Fog Chaser Whole Bean

  • Why we love it – The best coffee beans for cappuccino don’t have to be expensive. The SF Bay Fog Chaser offers this quality. It is downright flavorful, but will never hurt your pocket.
  • Coffee beans – Arabica beans
  • Origins – South and Central America
  • Flavor notes – Notes of dark chocolate, sweet mandarin, and toffee
  • Ratings – 4.5

Positive Reviews

  • Many reviews said that the Fog Chaser is a better-tasting coffee than its expensive competitors. It is a bold and tasty drink. Moreover, it has rich crema but has no oily sheen.

Negative Reviews

  • A few users commented that their coffee bags have a lot of broken beans and crumbs. It is something that the company has to address.

The dark roast coffee beans of Fog Chaser have premium quality. Every time you drink it, it removes the morning “fog.” Well, that’s how it got its name.

Despite being a dark roast, its flavor isn’t that too strong. It is an appealing option for those who are searching for medium dark roast blends. Its inherent sweetness and chocolate flavor are proof of that

Many also use the Fog Chaser for concocting espresso coffee. You can also use it for pour-over and French Press. It is a level of versatility that no cheap brands can match.

Of course, we have to acknowledge that this product is affordable. It’s one of its major perks. Its quality is just the same as the beans that you can find in coffee shops. Furthermore, its US-based manufacturer uses ethical techniques in their processing of the beans.

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How To Choose The Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino


Searching for the best coffee beans for cappuccino isn’t that simple.

You may have the best espresso machine. But if you don’t have a high-quality coffee bean, your taste buds won’t feel satisfied.

It’s frustrating, right?

Here, we are going to help you with that. Do you want a strong coffee or a delicious cappuccino? Just follow the guide below.

Roasting Date


One should know that coffee doesn’t have expiration dates.

But what does this mean? Well, it means that it is perishable. When you expose them to the elements, their composition changes.

You can only maximize the full flavors of a coffee if it’s fresh. You can’t experience the oils and aroma if it is old.

You should look for the best coffee beans not older than three weeks after they got roasted. When you buy online, make sure that the roasting period is accurate. It could take several weeks or months before the package can arrive on your doorstep.

In fact, this is one of the things that you need to pay attention to. Even affordable Arabica beans can beat expensive ones if they are just fresh.

Always remember that an old coffee might taste muddy and flat. It doesn’t have the impact or vibrance that fresh coffee beans have.

Type Of Beans


You may have encountered the terms Robusta and Arabica. The thing is, there are a lot of coffee types. But these two dominate the market.

Arabica beans hold 75 percent of the world coffee production. They are usually present at high altitudes. They require constant care because they are susceptible to diseases.

Meanwhile, Robusta is harder than Arabica. It has high resistance to pests. Farmers can even grow it at low altitudes.


When it comes to caffeine content, Robusta is greater than Arabica. It has a strong body, too. But at the same time, it is not as complex and refined as Arabica.

People love an espresso shot made from Arabica beans. However, the ideal coffee beans for cappuccino should have a balanced blend between Arabica and Robusta.

Blend Or Single-Origin?


As their name states, single-origin beans came from a single source or estate. Hence, they possess distinct flavor notes. You can guarantee that they are not too complex.

Meanwhile, a blend is a mixture of coffee beans from different origins. There’s a sophistication in their flavor profile. Efficient roasting techniques are essential so that drinkers can experience their entire flavor.

With blends, you can expect heavier flavors. If you want to make cappuccino out of them, pair them with steaming milk. The hot milk can balance their intense trait.

But are blends better than single-origin beans? Or is it the other way around?


Technically, there’s no correct answer. Roasters even offer their products in both versions.

Some aficionados say that the purity of single-origin beans is on another level. Others argue that blended flavors provide more appeal and experience.

Cappuccinos can use both single and blended coffee beans. As long as they are fresh and flavorful, you’ll enjoy them!

Type Of Roast


Another important factor in choosing coffee beans is their roast. The type of roast can impact the taste of your cappuccino.

These days, espresso makers prefer medium roasts. But due to the rise of other brewing methods, light roast coffee beans are becoming popular. They offer complexion on their aroma and flavor notes.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about differently roasted beans:

  • Darkly roasted beans don’t usually have their original flavor. The flavor you taste from them came from the roasting procedure. If you enjoy strong coffee, this is your best choice.
  • Lightly roasted coffee beans are more acidic than their darker counterparts.
  • Dark-roasted coffee beans are pretty oily. Meanwhile, light roasted ones are dry on their surface.
  • The darker the roast is, the lesser its caffeine levels become.
  • Most light roasts have a fine grind taste.

You have unique preferences when it comes to cappuccinos. Hence, it is better that you experiment with different roasts levels. In this way, you can find which one appeals to your senses.


Bear in mind that medium roasted coffees have a lighter body than their lighter counterparts. But at the same time, they don’t have the grainy note of light roasts. They provide a balance in their acidity, aroma, and flavor.

Of course, the caffeine level of medium roasts is higher than darker ones. Meanwhile, medium dark roast coffee beans are impactful and less acidic.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What’s the difference between cappuccinos and lattes?

A: A traditional cappuccino balances steamed milk, milk foam, and espresso. Meanwhile, lattes have more steamed milk and less foam. It is also notable that cappuccinos have distinct layers.

Q: What makes a cappuccino? 

A: Cappuccinos are about the equal distribution of heated milk, milk froth, and espresso. They have a smaller coffee cup than lattes. Specifically, it is around 150 to 180 ml.

Q: Is dark roast better than light roast beans for cappuccinos?

A: It depends on your preferences. People find darkly roasted beans a good choice for specialty beverages such as cappuccinos. But you are always free to use light roast beans if you are more comfortable with them.

Final Words


A coffee lover enjoys a good-tasting cappuccino. And they can only experience such if they have the best coffee beans for cappuccino.

Here, the Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean is a crowd-favorite. We personally like it because of its balanced Arabica and Robusta composition. But of course, we encourage you to try all the selections here!

That’s it for now. Have a happy cappuccino bean hunt!

Oh and if you want to take charge of brewing your own coffee, we have guides to you here.