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Best Coffee Beans for French Press

December 28, 2021 | Kurt Parker

beans of coffee on bag

Many coffee lovers may have tried brewing using a French press. They will agree that brewing coffee is worth their time and effort. It’s the sort of coffee you’ll expect each morning. As a coffee drinker, you’ll always want the best coffee experience.

If you’re thinking about brewing with a French press, the first step is to find the perfect coffee beans. To make a great cup of coffee, one must start with having a high-quality, freshly roasted bean.

If you have the means, you can also buy coffee beans from a roaster to ensure freshness and quality.

Since you are here, you want the best coffee products right? Lucky for you. Me and the whole coffeeholic team is here to make your life easier.

We spent days trying out different coffee products using a french press. So we are finally here to give you a thorough review of our top 9 best coffee beans for french press.

What’s in this article:

Tips for finding the best coffee for french press

Tips on maximizing coffee beans for French press coffee goodness

Tips to have a more delightful french press experience

Our Top 9 Best Coffee Beans for French Press

#1 Two Volcanoes – The Best Overall


 Two Volcanoes Ground Coffee - Dark Roast Espresso Blend - 2 lb bag

The smoothness of Two Volcanoes Coffee is one of a kind. The flavor of excellent beans will make you want to drink them every morning. With organic cultivation and packaging, authenticity may be a guarantee. This dark roast espresso mix of a single-origin coffee offers traces of woody and berry tastes.

The scent of the coffee is incredible. It’s also quite tasty, with just the proper amount of bitterness.

We did, yet, find it to be a touch too greasy for our tastes. The high gourmet offers the ideal balance of darkness and roasting to win your heart. It’s like a cup from a high-end coffee shop that you can enjoy at home without having to pay a hefty payment.

The source of this dark roast espresso mix is from two of Guatemala’s eight microclimates. They are San Marcos and Quetzaltenango. With simple steps here, you can prepare a superb cup of coffee from the beans.

How to brew this coffee

To brew in a French press, combine 2 teaspoons of ground coffee with 6 ounces of water. This item is created in both cold and hot techniques using the mesh filter. This coffee bean pack serves a great taste with enough acidity.

It does not have any bitter aftertaste. It’s designed to make coffee with your favorite sweets on top.

Two Volcanoes Coffee is grown, processed, and packaged all in one location. After that, it is then flown out the next day to provide the finest possible flavor and freshness!

So, when you open the bag, you can inhale the scent of Guatemala’s best coffee. This will be a superb tasting espresso coffee experience.

Also, the caffeine content is ideal for studying. The freshness is exceptional, and you will relish every single drop.

Furthermore, the 2-pound weight is enough to fill a large number of cups. The mixes are high-quality, with a distinct Arabica and Robusta espresso flavor.

#2 LifeBoost Coffee – The Most Premium


 Lifeboost Coffee Ground Medium Roast Coffee - Low Acid Single Origin USDA Organic Coffee

Lifeboost coffee is a coffee with a medium roast. It may be the healthiest and most delicious medium roast coffee. Many people consider lifeboost coffee as their favorite coffee beans. Enjoy its taste with mild acidity and a strong catch.

Lifeboost Coffee also prides itself in providing a fair salary to its farmers. They also practice sustainable agriculture, which safeguards the environment and animals. Another initiative they have is donation. They do this by Donating a part of their sales for conservation. This is to help conserve the plants and animals that live in their coffee areas.

Their coffee products are considered to be more organic and natural. Yet, they still conduct different analyses to check for certain toxins which may be present in the beans. They do this to ensure that the customers get the cleaner roasts as possible.

 It has low acidity

Their coffee have low acidity for french press and the beans are matured in a natural way to remove the excess chemicals. Even though this Lifeboost coffee is on the pricey side, you may not get a single ounce of acid reflux even if you’ll drink a lot of this coffee. Not only is it low in acid, but the only word that comes to mind to describe the flavor is “clean”.

Lifeboost coffee reviews are mixed, with some consumers praising it and others being less than enthusiastic. Lifeboost coffee is often described as having a robust but smooth flavor. Lifeboost coffee is often quite clean with minimal acidity, depending on the roast style (light, medium, or dark).

A good caramel macchiato may be found at Lifeboost. In most coffee shops, the caramel macchiato is a popular drink, although it’s generally high in sugar and calories. Lifeboost has done an amazing job of simulating the flavor with almost little calories.

#3 Koffee Kult – The Most Flavorful


 Koffee Kult Dark Roast, Whole Bean Colombian Coffee - Koffee Kult’s Award-Winning “Road Dog” Blend

They’re dark roasted to bring out the rich, but sweet, chocolate and cinnamon taste. If you enjoy dark chocolate, then these dark roast coffee beans are for you. This coffee brand is excellent in giving you a great experience. But, they may not have any milk chocolate flavor.

The beans smell amazing and will fill your space with the fragrance of fresh coffee for french press. So anytime you brew them, you can smell the nice scent. This is unlike brewing some regular ground coffee. The tastes are vibrant and silky, with a long-lasting finish. This product may well give you a delicious coffee you don’t want to miss.

A Single source coffee

Single-source coffees make up the majority of this company’s offerings. That way, you may customize the flavor, body, and acidity to your liking. You can even make your own mixes of coffee for french press at home if you’re adventurous.

The brand also provides its own mixes to create a balanced cup at home to make things easier. A custom medium roast blend and a dark roast blend are available. You may also select a specialized blend that is best suited for a specific brewing procedure.

This makes it one of the best coffee for french press, as it has low acidity. Not only do they commit to supporting environmentally- conscious farms. They also partner with farms that pay a fair salary to women workers. So if you’re looking for the best coffee for french press, consider this brand.

Observing Koffee Kult beans, it can be bitter on some occasions. If this is the situation, then you might think about changing your brewing process. For your taste buds, a plain drip coffee may be better than an espresso shot from this specific brew.

These beans are roasted in Holloway, FL. It has a smooth flavor with chocolate and cinnamon undertones. So the next time you use your french press coffee maker, try pairing it with Koffee kult.

This does not come with fruity flavors, but you’ll still love it nonetheless. Next time, you can try using this strong coffee in your french press coffee maker. Over all, what makes this a nice coffee for french press is its smoothness and chocolate undertone.


#4 Amazon Fresh Colombia – The Most Budget-Friendly


 AmazonFresh Colombia Ground Coffee, Medium Roast, 32 Ounce

If you are not that picky when it comes to the price of coffee, then it’s time you choose a premium coffee.

It may be easy to find cheaper alternatives for coffee beans. Yet some premium coffee brands may give you a delicious coffee. This is why you may opt to choose the next brand on our list.

One coffee brand we can recommend is Amazon Fresh Colombia. This coffee works best for that unique premium coffee experience. These are ground coffee and medium roast 100% arabica beans.

This coffee may not be the most flavorful in the market. Such that, if you’re looking for unique tastes like milk chocolate, this coffee won’t be the one.

Yet, this might be a good product for beginners who are not into strong blends.

There are also other options to choose from, even those that are not yet grounded. You should definitely try this product for a clean, and smooth coffee experience. After all, an amazing dark coffee can set your mood right all through-out the day.

Note that this medium roast ground coffee is created with high-quality 100-percent Arabica beans. They are roasted with a careful touch and packaged fresh.

Giving a faint citrus scent, these coffee grounds are amazing. The overtones of chocolate and brown sugar, makes this perfect for a well-balanced cup. This coffee also has a full-bodied, smooth finish, and one of the best coffee for french press.

Has an amazing coffee scent

When it’s brewing, the scent is amazing, and the flavor is rich and smooth. This makes it a great coffee for french press because it has less perceived bitterness. This is good when you want to move away from the heavier, bitter coffees yet still want something with a full, rich flavor. This coffee fits the bill.

This is a fantastic Colombian coffee at an affordable price. It holds its own against some other 100% Colombian coffees, in South America.

One thing we can take away from this is, something doesn’t have to be pricey to be outstanding. So for your next immersion brewing method, try this brand.

#5 Mayorga Organics – The Best Organic


 MAYORGA COFFEE Café Cubano Roast, the World's Smoothest Organic Coffee

Mayorga Organics gets its beans from Latin American certified organic producers. This is why you can experience the vanilla notes and syrupy, smokey richness. This is also a Cubano dark roast.

These 100-percent arabica beans are non-GMO confirmed, USDA organic, and kosher certified. Such that, this will make it an excellent choice for use in a French Press.

This may not be the only coffee for french press that is Non-GMO. Yet if you read the reviews coming from their customers, it will make you want to try this arabica coffee bean.

A point to consider is, some batches may have extra oil in them. They use these oils to keep coffee beans fresh before shipping. As we know the best coffee for french press should be always fresh.

Yet, the presence of excessive oil can make coffee taste harsh. It may also accumulate unnecessary froth at the top of your brew. This may also affect how you like your dark roasted beans to be.

This dark roasted bean may be used in a variety of coffee brewing methods, most especially french press.

There are many coffee brewing methods. This includes machine espresso, stovetop espresso, drip coffee maker, cold brew, and pour-over coffee.

It is well noted that Mayorga Organics has been founded with a singular goal in mind. That is to reduce systematic poverty in rural Latin America. This is done through the ethical trade of organic foods. This fact alone may qualify it as one of the best coffee for french press.

Also part of their core goal is their attempt to be as friendly to the environment as possible.

They do this by re-using coffee chaff and utilizing a thermal oxidizer to purify the air after the roasting process.

They do not only showcase an amazing coffee brand, but they also show a great environmental initiative.

#6 Verena Street – The Freshest


 Verena Street 2 Pound Whole Bean Coffee

The beans in this product are from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. They are also Orthodox – Union Kosher Certified. These rich, nuanced dark roasted beans are of arabica beans.

What is it about dark roast Verena Street Coffee that makes it so unique?

You may uncover new things you needed to know about this coffee by reading the brand’s origin story. It talks about a rural street that has been overwhelmed by development. This coffee is not like the mass-produced variety, where the coffee is tasty but lacks personality.

Instead, each brewed coffee cup of Verena Street delivers a one-of-a-kind experience. This is thanks to a flavor that is strong enough to transport you back in time. It can be one of the best coffee for french press coffee raise.

This type of arabica beans will make one delectable coffee in your next french press brewing method.

Worthy to note that Verena Street is a family-owned business. It is named after a childhood lane that has since been covered over for a freeway.

Verena Street was founded in 2010 in Dubuque, Iowa, and is now seen throughout the Midwest, as well as online. You may even visit their facilities and have a tour!

How to Make a Brew for Verena Street

Brewing methods for this type of coffee may be a bit confusing for some people. So here we’ve added a simple guide on how to make a brew of this coffee goodness.

You only need two teaspoons of ground beans for every 6 ounces of filtered water. This is according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You may use a drip machine or a French press to brew most blends, and you can even attempt cold brewing them.

Some reviews, about the brewing method, yet, argue that the beans are too strong for an espresso, and we have to agree.

#7 La Vazza Crema e Gusto – The Most Creamy Blend


 Lavazza Crema E Gusto Ground Coffee Blend

Crema e Gusto blends Brazilian Arabica beans with African and Indonesian Robusta beans. This combination creates a fragrant, full-bodied finish.

This has a great blend of vigor and a well-balanced scent. Such that it makes these roasted beans nice and they make good french press coffee beans.

The texture is pretty rich, with the right amount of creaminess.

This makes it suitable for your next brewed coffee on french press coffee making.

Coffee drinkers will like the aftertaste as well. So you may try using this on your next brewing method. The wonderful flavors of genuine cocoa chocolate here are obvious. Besides being non-GMO, the product is from Italy.

A total of four 8.8 oz bags are included in the bundle, which makes it ideal to use as coffee beans for your french press. It has a real creamy Italian texture that lingers in your mouth for a long time. It will feel like heaven to start your day with one of these or have one before bed.

These dark roasted beans are suitable for espresso. These are also suitable for those who use a coffee machine and especially a french press. These are roasted beans. They are mixed with great care and attention to detail to ensure that each bean tastes wonderful. Full-bodied and rich with a thick, spicy aftertaste. This follows the floral flavor. Having floral and fruit tones makes it tasty.

Lavazza has always put people at the heart of its industry. That is why Lavazza works hard every day to promote and put in place its values. These values look over the welfare of the coffee growers, staff and customers.

For over 120 years, the Lavazza family of Italy has resolved to find the greatest coffee bean mixes. This bean mixes also include whole coffee beans.

Among all Lavazza coffees, the crema e gusto ground coffee tastes the nicest. Lavazza crema e gusto ground coffee is made out of a blend of Brazilian Arabicas (30%) and African and Indonesian Robustas (70%). This combination produces a dark, rich roast with a strong, aromatic scent.

It has a well-balanced and evolving flavor character. The Italian espresso is a medium-roasted coffee. It has a stronger flavor than Lavazza ordinary. With every full-bodied sip, you’ll experience a hint of chocolate. If you’re a vegetarian, this is the coffee for you. With the 8.8-Ounce Brick, you can create 20 cups of coffee.

It also contains antioxidants that are beneficial to one’s health. The presence of antioxidants will aid in the restoration of sun-damaged skin.

#8 Royal Kona Coffee – The Most Distinct Taste

 Royal Kona 100% Hawaiian Kona Coffee, Ground

This brand has a high reputation in the business. Since 1969, they’ve been offering excellent 100 percent Kona and 10% Kona mixes.

More so, you’ll never forget the fragrance; it’s a distinctive, sweet blend of smells. This scent is like caramel, butter, chocolate, or fruit. The smell lingers whether you opt for whole bean coffee or ground.

What Is Kona Coffee, and What Does It Mean?

Kona coffee is Arabica coffee. This is cultivated, harvested, and processed in the Kona area of the large island of Hawaii.

It is specifically found in the Hills of Mauna Loa and Hualalai in the Northern and Southern Kona districts.

To wit, the place in which they grow gives them their name.

What Is the Taste of Kona Coffee?

The greatest Kona coffee has a distinct flavor and fragrance. This has earned it a place on the global coffee map.

This coffee bean is good for French press coffee. It is made from picked fresh beans that produce a full-bodied, smooth cup of coffee. This can be used for drip coffee makers as well.

#9 Puroast Coffee – The Smoothest Blend


Puroast Low Acid Ground Coffee

Puroast sells coffee grounds that is rich in antioxidants and lower in acidity. This is in comparison to regular coffee which has high acidity.

They make certain that customers are aware of the health advantages of their coffee. So they display the information on the coffee bags and on the front page of their website.

In fact, they devote a whole section of their website to the health advantages of their coffee.

Their coffee is rich in antioxidants

It is worth noting that Puroast has seven times the antioxidants of green tea. It also has five times the antioxidants of common coffee brands.

A little background, antioxidants are those compounds which may help reduce cell damage. Cell damage is due to free radicals. These free radicals are unstable molecules produced by the body. It can happen as a response to environmental and other stresses.

Antioxidants can come from both natural and synthetic sources. This product may give you relief from stress. This is because of its antioxidant properties. It may make you even motivated to do your next French press brewing or cold brew.

Thus, french press brewing with these whole bean coffee may not become a burden at all.

The coffee is then roasted in batches of tiny amounts in the Andes Mountains’ foothills. Roasting the coffee grounds is the same way as it is on coffee farms across the world. Roasting it has to be in tiny batches, over low heat. This brings forth the greatest aspects of the beans. Such that, there can be no acidity or burnt taste.

Compared to most coffee on the market, this French press medium-roast coffee is 70% less acidic.

If you want the best low acid coffees, we have a list here.

Which coffee beans are best for french press?

Finding the best coffee for a French press may appear difficult to a novice, but it’s a piece of cake if done properly.

This way, you want to ensure that everything is in working order. This includes checking the features and quality of the coffee beans. Such that, you’ll also check for scent and taste, so that you don’t have any regrets later.

So, here are a few tips for finding the best ground coffee for your French press:

doing french coffee press

What are the Benefits of consuming Organic Coffee for French press?

Benefits of going organic

You can’t go wrong with organic when it comes to your health. In general, organic foods are healthier than their non-organic equivalents.

May help prevent chemical poisoning

We may prevent chemical poisoning and disease transmission by drinking organic coffee.

Even if not all non-organic pre-ground coffee may be dangerous. It is still better to buy certified organic coffee brands. This will help protect your health and the environment.

So organic coffee, whether whole beans or ground may be good for you.

Tips for finding the best coffee for french press:

A. Check for Caffeine Levels

Caffeine levels must be checked for quality

When creating a dark or light coffee, make sure that the beans have a certain level of caffeine.  You may choose between light and dark roasts, according to your preferences as a coffee drinker. You also need to know whether the coffee beans suit your taste buds.

high caffeine coffee grounds

 If you want a dark, Americano-style coffee, look for beans with high caffeine content. But if you want a medium roasted blend, there are also several options for you to choose from.

You can also look for a brand that promises high caffeine content.

The majority of products contain both low and high levels of caffeine, as well as coffee seeds. Coffee beans can also be light, dark, or medium-dark roast.

If you don’t like black coffee, though, mild caffeine with beans is a better option.

You may use both to create different flavors in the kitchen, especially dark roasts, or go for a medium-dark roast for less high kicks.

B. Take a look at the coffee bean’s quality

The quality of the beans of coffee matter

When it comes to preparing a nice cup of coffee, the quality of the French press beans is crucial. Such that, you’ll want to use top-grade ground and freshly roasted beans. As this will influence the taste and flavor.

Top- grade coffee beans will be a bit costly for some people. But if you’re the type who likes the brewing method a lot, then you should invest in top-grade beans.

After all, despite their high cost, top-grade coffee beans are a pleasure to deal with.

So always look for a brand that can serve both taste and quality. It is preferable to select high-quality grounds if you want to concentrate on the worthy flavor and taste of coffee.

C. Think about taste

coffee tasting

Taste also matters

The french press brew method requires a lot of effort and time, but it’s worth it. You should question yourself why you are choosing coffee beans or whole beans before heading to the market.

Of course, you want a coffee bean with a pleasant flavor and aroma that relaxes you after the first drink. French press bean may be hard to find, but with good research, you’ll get the right combination.

So, you must always spend money on coffee beans based on your preferred taste and flavor.

Having these tips in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best ground coffee for French presses in this article.

Make sure you choose the proper product for your taste preferences. Below you’ll see our top 9 best coffee beans that can be used for french press.

Tips on maximizing coffee beans for French press coffee goodness

people sharing coffee

Now, you have a list of whole bean coffee and ground coffee that are perfect for french presses. It’s time we need to look into some ways in which we can get the most out of these coffee beans.

Whether we do coarse or medium grind on the french press depends on how we handle the process.

You have to follow some of these steps to make your french press coffee more excellent. You need to include those you make as coarse grind or medium grind. With the right procedure and brewing, you’ll get the most out of your coffee beans.

The question is, will french press coffee making be a delight? The answer is yours to make.

You can go as technical as you want with French press coffee. You can delve into the finer points of coffee-to-water ratio or grind size. You can also check a good coffee grinder, water temperature, method, and so on, but you don’t have to.

With the fundamental ingredients of beans, water, and time, you can prepare an excellent dark roasted coffee, which you may then perfect via experience and trial, even those for coarse grind or not.

Tips to have a more delightful french press experience

A. Grinding the coffee beans adequately

When it comes to creating the best french press coffee, through the french press brewing method, the grind is crucial .

Some could even argue that this is the most important factor when you are using the french press.

You want your beans to be coarse and even ground for French press. As usual, you’ll want freshly ground beans. so if you haven’t yet purchased a grinder, now would be a perfect time so you can start brewing coffee.

When you press down on the filter, you can tell whether the grounds are fine or coarse. You can even tell whether the dark roast coffee is enough for you or not. You’ll have a hard time pushing it down if the grounds are too fine.

The grounds are too coarse if you can push the filter all the way down with no resistance.

Begin with a coarse grind, on your grinder’s coarsest setting. Take note of the grind size of your coffee grounds so you may alter it later. If your brew is weak, grind a little finer next time. If you’re experiencing a lot of nasty, dish-raggy, over-extracted tastes, grind a little coarser next time.

The best way to get freshly roasted coffee via French press is to grind it yourself.

In this manner, you may try out a range of various coffees like coarse ground coffee to see which one you prefer for your cold brew and french press brewing.

B. Finding a good French Press Quality Pot

Your french press pot will make a significant impact in your brewing. Although the traditional glass French press works nice. The problem is that it has poor insulation and can lose heat in a quick time.

Since lighter roasts need higher temperatures for optimal extraction. It is best to use an insulated French press is ideal for coffee brewing whether cold brew.

C. Using the right ratio of coffee quantity when dealing with french press

Water-to-Coffee Ratio for French Press and Cold brew:

The general instructions usually say to create 32 ounces. This means that it is a standard size of French press that serves four people.

A basic rule of thumb for French press coffee is a bean coffee-to-water ratio of 1:10. That is, 1 gram of coffee for every 10 grams of water. This ratio can vary – some think it should be a bit higher, while others say it should be a little lower.

We know that coffees have varying densities. So weigh your bean coffee and water when using them for your french press.

African coffees, for example, those that may be medium roast are thicker than South American medium roast coffees.

A volume measurement will not be as precise as a weight measurement due to the density difference in french press brewing.

It’s difficult to compile a shortlist of the finest bean coffee for french presses.

This is because there is a vast diversity of options available. The choices of coffee beans also include coarsely ground coffee.

Moreover, consuming coffee is dependent on your personal choice. Such that, what works for one human being may not work for you. One may like dark roast, medium roast, or light roast. One may even prefer coffee from wild coffee trees over regular coffee trees.

water for french press

Note that the best beans are those that are ideal for French presses. This includes those that are freshly roasted in your country of choice. So that, you may get the advantage of fresh coffee. Having fresh dark roasted ones is also an excellent experience.

If you want optimal flavor extraction, use a coarse grind. This is good for your bulletproof coffee french press brewing. If you prefer the best dark roast coffee beans, we have made a thorough search to find it for you.

Same is true for the best light roast coffee beans. If workable, use home-ground coffee rather than pre-ground coffee. This will give freshness and ideal grind texture.

We can say that french press coffee is one of the most dependable ways to make a personalized brew. As always, this method helps the coffee stay true to the bean’s flavor. Whether they are dark, light, medium roast, or coarse ground coffee, the flavor stays the same.

Final Words

You just learned all about french press and the coffee beans to use to make it the best coffee in the world.

Overall we like the Two Volcanoes because of its smoothness, amazing aroma and it’s affordability.

How about you? No matter what you choose among the list, we’re pretty sure you’ll enjoy your next cup of french pressed coffee.

To learn more about making great coffees, our team prepared the best resources for you. Check it out.