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What is the Best Coffee for Latte?

October 24, 2021 | Kurt Parker

If you can’t live without a latte, you’re not alone.

The best way to start the day is with a cup of coffee. (And to end the day… and at lunch to keep going through the day.)

But why do most people in the world use espresso for a latte?

For the greatest latte experience, we’re here to tell you. Our in-house coffee experts studied the great things about espresso. Now, we will present to you why it is the best coffee for latte.

espresso beans

In this guide you’ll learn:

The Tale of Latte

But first, what is a latte?

Caffè latte, but usually called latte, is a coffee drink that originated in Italy. Latte is composed of coffee and milk.

As the years of evolution passed, our world has invented many types of coffee. That includes a coffee and milk combinations called latte. What is more remarkable, we’ve also added art, which made it more popular these days.


Latte Art: The History of Your Joy

I have never met a person who never enjoyed latte art.

In the history of coffee shops, the café latte has been one of the most ordered. It has the perfect combination of art and flavor.

To where it all has started?

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Americans invented latte art. Soon after, it spread all over the world. It was in the 2000s when it reached Australia.

Today, Asian baristas are taking the title of world champions at latte art.

latte art

According to a well-known latte expert, Kolpaktsi, the popularity has grown as the consumers played a big role in the spread.

With the power of social media nowadays, people are now becoming more aware of this milk-based drink with art.

The Anatomy of Latte

Latte is generally tasted sweet. It tastes more milk than coffee.

It has an equal ratio of espresso, milk, and foam.

latte ratio (espresso: milk: foam)

To make a latte, you need a good espresso. Again, what is an espresso?

Espresso is a brewing method. In the method, a small amount of 30 mL boiling water is being pressed through finely-ground coffee beans.

Espresso VS. Drip Coffee

Unlike regular coffee, espresso is thicker and more concentrated. The difference here is the pressure used in the brew method. Drip coffee is denser and uses a medium-dark roast.

drip coffee

For drip coffee, medium roast coffee beans are mostly used.

Both brewing methods can use Moka pot and French press. Remember, the only difference is the pressure used in the process. French press is typically harder to do.

There is an available drip machine for the drip coffee brewing method, and an espresso machine to achieve the best espresso.

What Makes It Different from Mocha, Cappuccino, & Flat White?

How can you tell the difference between a latte from certain coffee like mocha, cappuccino, and/or flat white?

The answer lies ahead with the espresso shots, amount of milk used, foam, and other ingredients.

For mocha coffee, the ratio is espresso, chocolate, steamed milk, and foam. It has a particular blend of sweetness because of the chocolate and milk used.

latte, mocha, cappuccino, flat white

For cappuccino, it has double espresso, steamed milk, double foam. A single espresso shot consumes around 6 to 7 grams of ground coffee. The double shot requires 13 to 14 grams of ground coffee. Compared to latte, cappuccino has a stronger coffee flavor.

For better understanding check our cappuccino latte comparison.

Flat white coffee consists of double espresso, milk, and foam. It tastes sweeter than cappuccino but stronger than a latte.

Best Coffee Beans for Latte

Espresso beans are the best coffee for latte. The best coffee beans for espresso are medium to dark roast.

They extract quicker compared to other coffee beans.

Starbucks, known for using ground espresso roast coffee for its lattes. According to them, they are sourcing coffee beans in Latin American and in the Asia Pacific.

espresso bean

Brazilian Coffee Beans

Great coffee beans are always worth having.

Did you know that Brazil is one of the largest coffee exporters in the world, wherein 1/3 of all the world’s best coffee is found and grown there?

Bourbon Santos and Brazil Cerrado produce top-quality espresso blend coffee beans.

Brazilian coffee beans are also known for their low acidity content. It has balanced coffee flavor notes compared to other regular coffee beans.

Brazil coffee plants

Brazilian Coffee Beans Tasting Notes

Amazing Brazilian coffee beans have a normal to medium body and have a strong aroma.

The low places in South America enable the coffee beans to have fewer flavor notes makes these best coffee beans low in acidity.

Coffee Growing Regions in Brazil

Cerrado, Mogiana, Matas de Minas, and Sul Minas are regions that produce outstanding coffee beans. The perfect weather in these areas helps so much to cultivate whole beans which are good for espresso shots.

Brazilian beans

Brazilian Espresso Beans

Espresso needs only the best beans. Brazil is a single-origin coffee place.

If you buy bean espresso or an espresso coffee at a coffee shop, there is a huge probability that it is from Brazil. There is about up to 90% of the coffee in an espresso blend is from Brazil.

espresso roast

Easy Steps to Make Your Own Coffee Latte (Espresso Machine)

Let’s go back to our latte.

Now you know – latte lovers, that this particular coffee is best with espresso coffee bean in milk drinks.

Espresso coffee isn’t now hard to prepare if you have an espresso machine. Here’s a quick walk-through.

What you need:

  1. Espresso machine (We have here a list of best espresso machines, If you don’t have one yet.)
  2. Dark roast or medium roast coffee beans
  3. Grinder
  4. Cup
  5. Portafilter

Step #1

Prepare the espresso.

  1. First, make sure to clean your portafilter.
  2. Dose the whole beans correctly. Put it in the portafilter.
  3. Tamp the coffee beans evenly. Rinse the group head.
  4. Insert the portafilter. Make sure to start brewing quickly.

Step #2

Get your steamed wand cloth, then pour the milk into the pitcher.

Clean the steam wand and straighten its position. Put the pitcher spout aligned to the steam wand. Tilt the container a little to optimize the whirlpool afterward.

Step #3

Turn on the steam wand.

Begin with the pitcher nozzle just below the surface. After 2 seconds, lift the container a bit so that the nozzle gets immersed into milk. Be careful not to touch the base of the pitcher!

Step #4

Find a perfect position where the whirlpool of milk is formulated. Continue steaming the milk until it reaches 55-62 degrees Celcius.

Wave the steamed milk in the container until it is silky, smooth, and shiny.

Pour the latte and enjoy your coffee!

latte art

How to Do the Latte Art at Home?

Latte art is achievable only with the correct techniques. It is made possible with the use of steamed and textured milk.

Milk is simply made of brown sugar, fats, and proteins.

These components are vital to get milk frothier and foamy. Whole milk is the most recommended if you want to make perfect latte art.


Do you want to brew coffee and make a latte at home? Here’s how to do latte art:

  1. Pour the milk high to begin.
  2. Then pour low when your cup is half full. Do it a little quicker to set the foam.
  3. Now, focus on the middle of the cup. Do it gently and avoid the hand which is holding your cup shake.
  4. Wait until a dot starts to form.
  5. Gently tilt the pitcher back to achieve a clean look. Take a picture and share it on social media!

making a latte art

Latte Arts

  1. If you want to make a heart, gently tilt the pitcher back and pull the stream through the middle.
  2. For a rosette shape, when the dot starts to form, continue to slowly shake the pitcher side to side as you increase the amount of the pour. Then pour a small amount of milk and pull the stream in the core.

Why People Love Coffee Latte?

Who can blame these people who love coffee latte? Here are the reasons why a coffee lover loves an espresso shot with a milk frothier decorated in it.

#1 A Happy Morning

Even pre-pandemic, many people are brewing espresso with milk on their own at home.

With the help of espresso machines, making your own latte isn’t hard at all.

People love latte art because of its strong coffee experience with a combination of a sweet blend. Aside from the milk, adding cinnamon is also a great idea.

espresso machines

#2 Nutrient Benefits

Every morning latte gives you one full cup of nutrients you need. It includes 300mg of calcium for stronger bones. It has also a low acidity level.


#3 Perfect for Any Occasion

Are you planning for a business meeting? A date with your girlfriend?

Milk-based drinks like latte are perfect with their natural sweetness with subtle flavors. The best coffee, isn’t it?

You can never go wrong with this delicious cup. Always take note that a good latte starts with high-quality beans.

business meeting

#4 The Aroma

I think no one can say no to the aroma brought by a good latte. The warm and comforting smell makes us feel good inside.

Making coffee or making espresso is absolutely a great way to start your day. No question why latte at home tastes amazing.

a woman smelling coffee aroma

Going the Extra Mile: Start your own latte business

Do you want to put all your efforts into the next level?

Why not start a business? How to start?

  1. Sort out the good quality of coffee beans in South America, check pre-ground coffee grown in Brazil.
  2. Invest in an espresso machine. It will make your job easier.
  3. Practice achieving a perfect espresso. The key to a perfect coffee latte is to get the best espresso.
  4. Learn different latte arts. Study well about steamed milk.

To Summarize

Truly, the journey of latte has been enjoyable for every coffee lover.

Coffee starts the day right. A latte makes it better.

So whether you just want to be an expert latte maker at home or do it as a business, you can never go wrong with it. Espresso is – and will always be – the best coffee for a latte.

A coffee bean, no matter how small, sets the taste of a perfect latte. Read more of our coffee guides.