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Best Colombian Coffee

December 28, 2021 | Kurt Parker

coffee from columbia

Colombian coffee is amazing and rich, offering you the tastiest brew there is. Colombian coffee is special because it gets roasted. Roasting brings out the taste of the coffee beans. The result is a cup of coffee that you can’t resist.

Colombian coffee is one of the finest in the world and there are many varieties to choose from. From mild to dark, from Arabica to Robusta, and from flavored to rich and woody.

In this review, we will take a good look at some of the best Colombian coffee brands of Colombian coffee currently available for sale. Our team isn’ frugal on the amount of time spent coming up with this list.

What’s in the Article

Federación Nacional de Cafeteros

History of Colombian Coffee

Colombian Coffee Regions

Ideal Condition in Growing the Best Colombian Coffee

The 7 Best Colombian Coffee Brands

Here we go, the best of the best Colombian coffee brands you can buy today.

Volcanica Colombian Supremo Coffee – Best Overall Colombian Coffee

 Colombia Supremo Coffee, Fair Trade, Ground

Volcanica Coffee is a company from Colombia that imports and exports beans. They buy locally sourced beans and roast them. This company has a very special way to make sure that the coffee will be organic and grown in the shade. This is called the Volcanica Rainforest Alliance program.

Volcanica Coffee Colombian Supremo is a freshly roasted single-origin coffee from the Nariño region of Colombia. It is 100% Arabica beans, grown at 1800 meters above sea level, and both wet and dry processed. We roast it in small batches to highlight its distinct aromas, flavors, and acidity.

Colombian Supremo coffee is made from the best beans from local farmers in the best region of Colombia. They are held to high standards and picked at their best. This process is important so that all sources of coffee come together to create a quality coffee with a rich taste, body, and aroma.

This is one of the best Colombian coffees you will find on the market. The flavor is balanced, and it’s a great daily roast with incredible taste. With notes of chocolate and caramel, this one will stand up to milk with ease. It’s definitely worth trying if you are looking for a high-quality Colombian coffee.


  • Fair trade certified
  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Certified organic coffee beans
  • Shade Grown in volcanic soil
  • Rainforest alliance certified
  • Nutty and fruity notes
  • Premium colombian coffee


  • Mild flavor

Don Pablo Colombian Supremo – Best Medium Dark Roast Colombian Coffee

 2LB Don Pablo Colombian Supremo - Medium-Dark

Don Pablo coffee supremo colombian coffee is ethically sourced and roasted in small batches. This is a coffee that people who love coffee will really like. The flavor is rich and strong. The best part of this coffee is how it starts off with a little sweetness and ends with a slightly bitter taste.

The profile is of a medium-dark roast whole bean coffee with most of the flavor being attributed to the Colombian supremo bean. It’s easy to see why it’s called supreme – it’s a very luxurious coffee with a creamy, silky mouthfeel and a hint of dark chocolate in every sip. A great coffee if you like super smooth, creamy coffees without any bitterness.

These coffee beans come from Colombia and they are 100% Arabica. They have been grown at a higher altitude so they have a better flavor. The plant is grown by following principles based on sustainable agriculture. This means that they make sure farms are not harming the environment. Farms should be enjoyable for the next generation too.


  • Whole bean coffee
  • 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
  • Affordable
  • Low acidity
  • Great aroma
  • Also available in decaf
  • Smooth finish, GMO-free


  • Not organic
  • A bit mild
  • It may not be suitable for other coffee makers

Juan Valdez Coffee Organic Gourmet – Best Colombian Coffee Blend


 Juan Valdez Coffee Organic Gourmet Medium Roast Whole Bean Colombian Coffee

Juan Valdez is a Colombian coffee. It is 100% arabica beans from Latin America, especially from the world’s best coffee farms in Colombia. We believe that Juan Valdez Organic Coffee Gourmet is the best choice when it comes to taste and quality.

The company is passionate and they want the best product to show this. They use their experience and knowledge that they have gained from farming to make sure that quality is high. It’s this passion for excellence that ensures our Juan Valdez Organic Coffee Gourmet produces a taste that is unsurpassed.

Juan Valdez coffee is a type of coffee that has a smooth flavor and an aroma. It can be acidic. The taste of our coffee breakfast blend makes it the perfect choice for those who love to feel the pronounced taste notes of a cup of coffee. Juan Valdez Organic Coffee has a distinctive texture that you’ll experience from the very first sip. This coffee has a nice, crisp acidity and a medium-roasted consistency.

Juan Valdez Organic Gourmet Colombian Coffee is good. It has a unique smell and taste that will please coffee-lovers everywhere. It’s well-balanced, medium body, and bursting with rich aroma from beginning to end.

Juan Valdez is a solid choice for those looking for a 100% organic gourmet coffee. For those who care about their coffee origins, that alone may be enough to make Juan Valdez the top choice.


  • Delightfully strong fragrance
  • Rich Flavor
  • Distinct texture
  • Consistent coffee
  • 100% Organic colombian beans


  • A bit expensive
  • Odd taste

Fresh Roasted Coffee, Dark Colombian Supremo – Freshest Colombian Coffee


 Fresh Roasted Coffee, Dark Colombian Supremo, 2 lb (32 oz), Med-Dark Roast

If you’re looking for a darker Supremo coffee, then look no further. The Dark Colombian Supremo dark roast by the brand Fresh Roasted Coffee is a dark medium-bold coffee. This coffee is kosher certified and sustainably sourced.

Caturra and Castillo coffee beans grow in the mountains of Colombia. They are picked by farmers, taken out of their pulp, and washed. Once dried on raised beds, the beans are ready to be roasted.

Dark Colombian Supremo dark roasted Colombian coffee beans from Fresh Roasted Coffee have a strong and earthy flavor. You can taste the cherry and honey. The coffee has low acidity, so it is easy to drink. The company uses a Loring Roaster that is eco-friendly. This means the roasters are not bad for the environment and it means they have a more delicious coffee bean.

The company Fresh Dark Roasts Coffee LLC has some good things that make it better than others. For example, they are certified organic, fair trade, and rainforest alliance. That means their coffee is good for the environment.


  • Sun-dried Colombian coffee beans
  • Roasted in Loring roasters
  • Available in whole bean or ground coffee
  • Tasting notes of cherry and honey
  • Resealable coffee bags


  • Has a sour smell
  • Not consistent

Koffee Kult Colombia Coffee Beans Huila – Best Alternative


 Koffee Kult Colombia Coffee Beans Huila Region Medium Roast

The Koffee Kult Medium Roast Colombia Coffee Beans Huila is a new Colombian coffee bean. We like it because it is one of our favorite brands. Coffee Kult prides itself in selection and quality. However, it is not just the pure Arabica coffee beans, which are by themselves already of exceptional quality, that we liked.

It is primarily due to their roasting techniques and their innovative flavor profiles, which take their beans to a whole other level. Koffee Kult is a new kind of coffee with a unique taste, and we like it because there isn’t a lot of competition for our favorite type of coffee.

Aromatically, this coffee will immediately grab your attention with its intense, chocolate-like smell. Underneath the delicious scents lies a rich brew with hints of cherry and chocolate with a caramel sweetness. Also, this coffee’s acidity is milder than typical Colombian Coffee allowing the cup to round out sweet and clean.

Koffee Kult Medium Roast Colombia Coffee Beans Huila is one of the best coffee in columbian. It is called a benchmark of a perfect cup of columbian coffee. The exceptional flavor of this coffee is achieved through careful processing and roasting. This coffee is not too strong. It is easy to drink and has the right amount of bitterness. There are more expensive Colombian coffees on the market, but this one is a good price for what you get.


  • Artisan Roasted Coffee
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Locally roasted
  • Columbia Huila Speciality Grade fresh
  • Clean tasting
  • Roasted in small batch
  • No oils
  • Perfect for cold brew


  • A bit sweet
  • More expensive than other options

Java Planet, Organic Colombian Coffee Beans, Single Origin – Best Gourmet


Java Planet, Organic Coffee Beans, Colombian Single Origin

Java Planet is a 100% organic coffee company that has been in the business for several decades. They offer a wide variety of coffees whose reputation precedes them as being some of the best available on the market today. Coffee can be sold ground, which also presents it in an already prepared method.

However, people who want to brew a delicious cup of gourmet coffee at home may purchase beans and grind them themselves prior to making their drink. Gourmet coffee is available in whole bean, ground and instant forms. When looking for specialty coffee blends, many people will choose single origin beans. This means that all beans used to make the blend come from one location or area.

This single origin coffee has sweet, nutty and citrusy notes of flavor that is perfect to start your day with. It’s a medium roast coffee, not too dark or bitter, roasted perfectly to give you that fresh, smooth taste whenever you want it!

If you love coffee, then you’ll love Java Planet Fair Trade Organic Colombian Coffee Beans. In fact, they’re fresh roasted in the USA and vacuum packed immediately after roasting. Each light to medium roast bean is full of flavor and has a chocolate taste that will leave you wanting another sip! Order your supply today and start rewarding yourself with fine coffee quality.


  • Whole coffee beans
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Fair trade certified colombian beans
  • 100% Organic Arabica beans
  • Family Operated and Owned


  • A bit bitter
  • Lacks consistency

SF Bay Coffee Colombian Supremo 80 Ct Medium Roast Compostable Coffee Pods – Best K cups


 San Francisco Bay Coffee OneCUP Colombian Supremo

Roasters around the world have long been enchanted by the unique taste and versatility of Colombia coffee beans. You can use these single-serve coffee pods to make your customers feel like they are at a coffee shop. They are good for all Nespresso machines.

These coffee pods are for brewing in keurig brewers. They are compostable since they come from Colombia. These coffee pods can make a fresh cup of coffee for you. These pre-brewed and K-Cup compatible pods are a great way to satisfy your customers’ hunger for delicious and flavorful coffee. Whoever is reading this article will likely appreciate the quality of these coffee pods.

SF Bay Coffee’s 100% Arabica Colombian Supremo Gourmet Coffee Pods are perfect for any kitchen. With their medium roast, versatile flavor, and high caffeine content, you’re sure to never run out of coffee pods! There are different flavors of coffee. Some people like it dark and bold. Others like it more light and subtle. SF Bay Coffee has a type of coffee for everyone!

SF Bay Coffee Colombian coffee K cups 80 Ct Medium Roast Compostable Coffee Pods are a good option if you like pods and want to have a high-quality cup of coffee.


  • 100% Colombian coffee
  • Keurig Compatible
  • Family owned
  • Eco-friendly, compostable
  • Notes of amaretto cherry & dark chocolate
  • Premium quality colombian beans
  • Great aroma


  • Some cups leak on some packages
  • May contain residue

Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian Peaks – Best Budget


 Eight O'Clock Coffee 100% Colombian Peaks

Eight O’Clock Coffee Colombian Peaks is one of the best types of coffee. It smells good and tastes good, too. The distinctive flavor that has made the Eight O’Clock Coffee brand so popular comes from our utilization of 100% Arabica beans. These premium coffee beans provide delicious espresso and coffee options with just a hint of chocolate in every cup.

They offer single origin and blend coffees, both of which are handcrafted in small batches. This coffee is a bit on the lighter side, but I think it’s great for when you want something that is still full bodied and smooth. The flavors are like real cocoa butter and hazelnut. It has a nice fruity flavor that lingers for several minutes after each sip.

Bold and robust, this 100% Colombian coffee is naturally sweet with mild chocolate undertones. Their coffee beans are the best because they came from high places where there is shade. They are roasted for a long time, which makes them taste really good. That’s what makes Eight O’Clock so good.

The aroma of the grinds is quite appealing and the taste is excellent like all other eight o’clock coffee brands. It makes an amazing blend with milk and sugar giving an exceptional taste that is rich, creamy, and smooth. This can be consumed both as a hot as well as iced coffee. The aroma, quality, and taste of this product have a potential to lead this brand to the heights of excellence.


  • 100% Colombian Peaks
  • Great quality
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable brand
  • Rich, elegant aroma
  • Kosher certified


  • Customer complaints about coffee bean was not good and fresh
  • Lacks intensity

Federación Nacional de Cafeteros

The Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC) popularly known for its  “Juan Valdez” marketing campaign is the national coffee growers’ federation in Colombia. It was founded on January 26, 1927. Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) is an organization that supports vendors, farmers and employees in the coffee harvesting process. The Federation is trying to help the members get to know each other so they can work together when they need to.

colombian coffee brands

Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC) represents the common interests of the national coffee growers and their extended families. Through its three regional offices and many subdivisions, it works to provide farmers with a chance to make a living. It helps them by organizing production of coffee.

The FNC also helps coffee farmers. They help them with seminars, research, and technical help. By promoting the consumption of Colombian coffee, we help the industry become more stable and secure. This is good for people who make coffee and people who drink it. The FNC is the only non-governmental coffee growers’ organization recognized by national public authorities as an expression of organized civil society in developing rural areas.

The best coffee beans assures fair trade and the quality superiority is assured.

History of Colombian Coffee

colombian coffee beans

The History of Colombian Coffee doesn’t just tell the tale of a drink that millions rely on to start their day. It tells the tale of its country of origin, Colombia, where this uniquely described beverage has classically been used by coffee farmers as one of the answer to provide jobs and money for a large part of its population.

Due to the great diversity of their morphology, altitude, climate and soils, the quality of Colombian coffees is exquisite. People are growing coffee in different ways in Colombia. The coffee they grow is good quality, but it is hard for them to sell it because they don’t understand how to make the most of it.

The volume of coffee Colombia is selling is small compared to other countries. The government has started a program for growers. Farmers can join a group. Then, together, they decide the price they want to sell it for. With the government’s help, they sell more and make more money.

Colombian Coffee Regions

There are various distinct growing regions in Colombia with different styles of beans. Some regions produce mild and balanced flavors while others taste very smooth and fruity. It is all a matter of the altitude at which the coffee trees grow and the soil they thrive in.

The flavor profiles coming from coffee grown in the Coffee Belt tend to be more fruity with a medium acidity. Coffee from this region tends to have a medium body and be balanced.

Northern Region

The coffee beans grown in the Northern region have a lower altitude, warmer temperatures, and different soil type.

Coffee from this region is lower in acidity but comes with a full body and has strong fruity notes.

The altitude of the coffee region in Colombia is higher than other regions. It makes the coffee less acidic and complex like coffees from Africa or Indonesia.

Central Region

Colombia makes a lot of coffee. It grows it in three main areas: Medellin, Manizales, and Armenia. In this region, you’ll find coffees with bold flavor profiles present in both the medium and dark roasts.

The Colombian Coffee Region has a range of flavor profiles coming from its coffee. Due to being surrounded by lush rainforests and mountains, the region’s coffee tends to be more fruity with medium acidity. This coffee tends to be more balanced with a medium-bodied texture.

Southern Region

Coffee from Nariño, Cauca and Huila is better than coffee from other places in Colombia because it’s grown at a higher altitude.

It is closer to the equator, prized for its higher acidity with much sought-after sweetness and more subtle flavor profiles.

Ideal Condition in Growing the Best Colombian Coffee

Coffee cultivation

The perfect climate for growing Colombian coffee is a place with a lot of rain, and not too much sun. The temperature should be around 15-20 degrees Celsius. Even though Colombia makes good coffee, they can make better coffee. Colombia is close to the ideal place, due to its location between 4 great geographic regions.

The mountainous region of the Andes stretches over an area of 100 million hectares. The higher altitudes can reach up to 4,500 meters above sea level and the mountain peaks up to 6,800 meters above sea level. These conditions are ideal for growing coffee and have been since the 1500s. Colombian Coffee is widely known for its high quality due to this climate and the long period of time required to make a great cup of coffee.


We have tested many Colombian coffee brands, but the clear winner is Volcanica Colombian Supremo Coffee. From all aspects, it’s just the top when it comes to our best Colombian coffee brand. The flavor is unique and fresh, it is smooth and balanced, with a bright aroma and delicate acidity.

We are unanimous that this brand has the best beans in the world. Other companies have some good beans, but they are not as good as this one. From its farm to your cup, this is what good coffee should taste like. If you want the best cuban coffee brands instead, we also have a list here.

The best coffee beans, coffee gears and brewing methods from all around the world, we have it all here at Brewed coffee guide.