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7 Strongest Coffee Brands Reviewed

December 08, 2021 | Kurt Parker

Most coffee drinkers decide to start drinking coffee for the caffeine rush. But, over time we tend to get used to the strength of our daily cup of joe. In turn, our caffeine tolerance increases, and we no longer feel the kick of the caffeine.

We tried various brands that claimed to have higher caffeine content. More than your regular coffee. One of the brands we tried was from the brand Devil Mountain Coffee Company. Their Black Label coffee is known to be one of the strongest coffee in the world.

We love it because, despite its strength, it doesn’t have a bitter taste. So you can still make delicious coffee that fits your caffeine consumption.

Robusta Beans


Other than that, we rounded up seven brands that make the strongest coffee. To make shopping easier for you. We also ranked them according to their caffeine content and taste. We also classified each brand on why we loved them.

If you are a caffeine addict who wants to increase the caffeine content of your morning cup of coffee. You’re in the right place. Keep reading this article to know more about the highly caffeinated coffees we love. And why it is perfectly fine to drink stronger coffee.

In This Article

Top 7 Strong Coffee Brands

Black Label by Devil Mountain Coffee Co. ( Best Strong Coffee Overall )
Biohazard Coffee (Best Organic Caffeinated Coffee)
Black Insomnia (Best Strong Coffee Blend)
Death Wish Coffee (Most Popular)
Killer Coffee (Best Whole Bean Strongest Coffee)
Napalm Extra Dark (Best Single Serve)
Gunpowder Coffee (Best Tasting)
Honorable Mentions:
Buyers Guide: Choosing The Very Strong Coffee In The World
What Is Strong Coffee?
Benefits of Drinking Strong Coffee
Dark Roast Coffee


Top 7 High Caffeine Coffee Brands

We know how important coffee is to you in your everyday routine. To help you make the most caffeinated cup to kickstart your day.

Here are seven coffee brands that we tried and love.

Black Label by Devil Mountain Coffee Co. – Best Strong Coffee Overall

 Devil Mountain Coffee Black Label Dark Roast Ground Coffee

This coffee by Devil Mountain contains 1,555mg of caffeine for every 12-ounce cup serving. This made it earn the title of the world’s strongest coffee.

We also love it for its bitter-free and smooth flavor. So you’re not giving anything up for that extra caffeine.

Black Label is also USDA Organic certified. You will not only be getting a good caffeine punch. But also a healthy alternative that will give your taste buds a real sense of flavor.


  • Bean Type: 100% Ground Arabica Beans
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Certifications: Organic and Non-GMO
  • Caffeine Content: 1,555mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Biohazard Coffee – Best Organic Caffeinated Coffee

Biohazard Coffee is a very well-known brand among high caffeine drinkers. This brand is on the list of the world’s strongest coffee. With its 928mg of caffeine per serving, it will perk up your morning.

This coffee is made with a single-origin Robusta bean. That delivers a solid and bold taste for coffee lovers. Biohazard Coffee also comes in various flavors such as chocolate, tobacco, and nuts.

If you want a list of the best organic coffee beans, we have it also.


 Biohazard Ground Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee


  • Bean Type: Whole Robusta Beans
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Certifications: Organic
  • Caffeine Content: 928mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Black Insomnia Coffee – Best Strong Coffee Blend

Suppose you are a night owl who loves the energy boost from heavy doses of caffeine. Black Insomnia is definitely the caffeinated coffee choice for you. It contains over a thousand milligrams of caffeine in every serving. Giving you a strong taste and the alertness you need throughout the day.


 Black Insomnia Classic Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Black Insomnia Coffee contains flavor notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut, macadamia. You will even get a hint of caramel-like sweetness from this coffee. We consider this highly caffeinated coffee the best blend. For it comprises a mixture of rare coffee beans with a specialty roast.


  • Bean Type: Blend of Whole Arabica and Robusta Beans
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Certifications: Organic
  • Caffeine Content: 1105mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Death Wish Coffee – Most Popular

This brand is well-known and loved among caffeine lovers. Death Wish is still a popular choice despite not being the most caffeinated coffee on our list. With its great branding that effortlessly speaks of its potency. Caffeine enthusiasts couldn’t resist Death Wish for its bitter free flavor. And smooth taste.

Death Wish was introduced way back in 2012. It is one of the pioneer brands that produced the most caffeinated coffee. This explains how this coffee earned its popularity.


 Death Wish Coffee Dark Roast Grounds - 16 Oz

Death Wish Coffee is a blend of high-quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. It has flavor notes of cherry and chocolate. Caffeine addicts love Death Wish coffee. Because it will not give you the jitters despite the amount of caffeine it has.


  • Bean Type: Blend of Ground Robusta and Arabica beans
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Certifications: Organic and Fair Trade
  • Caffeine Content: 728mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Killer Coffee – Best Whole Bean Strongest Coffee

This coffee claims to awaken the dead with how strong it is. Killer Coffee is definitely a must-try for coffee lovers. Who wants to upgrade their regular cup to a highly caffeinated coffee.

Killer Coffee tastes smooth and pleasingly textured. It tastes utterly bitter-free with a generous amount of caramel sweetness. You will have fun with the energy boost it will give you from every sip.


Killer Coffee


  • Bean Type: 100% Whole Arabica Beans
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Certifications: Organic
  • Caffeine Content: 645mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Napalm Extra Dark – Best Single Serve

This dark roasted coffee is famous for the strength of its caffeine kick. Like how the brand name suggests. Its coffee beans undergo an optimal roasting process to bring out their full flavors.

Napalm Coffee offers flavors that are earthy with fruity hints. This is the option for those who seek an extra caffeine boost. But prefers the familiarity of Arabica flavors. Napalm Coffee also comes in single-serve packets. So it won’t be a bother to make in the morning, especially when you are a coffee drinker on the go.

 Napalm Coffee, Extra Dark Roast, Whole Bean


  • Bean Type: 100% Whole Arabica Beans
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Certifications: N/A
  • Caffeine Content: 200-300mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Gunpowder Coffee – Best Tasting

After 18 months of testing. Gunpowder Coffee Company finally came up. With what they claim to be the best tasting world’s strongest coffee. The owner of the brand focuses on delivering great-tasting coffee. That is high in caffeine.

The coffee comes in a resealable package to ensure its freshness. The company is also very confident about how good their coffee tastes. They are even willing to refund if the customers disagree with their claims.


 Gunpowder Coffee Cups - The World's Most Caffeinated

We tried it ourselves, and we agree that this coffee gives intense flavors. If you are new to caffeine packed coffees, gunpowder coffee is the perfect option to start.


  • Bean Type: Unknown
  • Roast Type: Dark Roast
  • Certifications: N/A
  • Caffeine Content: 644mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Honorable Mentions

We love good coffee, and of course, a good caffeine kick. We had so much fun testing out many coffee brands. But, we were only allowed to round up seven that were the cream of the crop.

So if you are still looking for more options to elevate your average cup of joe, here are a couple more coffee brands that didn’t make our list but still deserve an honorable mention.

Banned Coffee

Don’t get the brand name wrong; this coffee was never banned for the amount of caffeine it contains. Banned Coffee makes quality grounds. That will double the caffeine of your regular coffee.


 Banned Coffee Whole Bean World's most delicious Strongest Coffee


  • Bean Type: Robusta and Arabica blend
  • Caffeine Content: 474mg caffeine per serving (12oz. cup)

Banned coffee uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans. To improve the flavor profile in hopes of becoming the world’s strongest coffee.

Shock Coffee

Shock coffee is one of the first among the strongest coffee brands we reviewed. This dark roasted coffee delivers bold flavors. It will also give you a shocking kick of caffeine.


 Shock Coffee Extra Strength Single Serve Cups. Up to 75% more Caffeine than Regular Coffee


  • Bean Type: Robusta and Arabica blend
  • Caffeine Content: 50% more than regular brewed coffee

We recommend adding a bit of creamer or sweetener if you want to try this out. Even if you’re used to drinking black coffee, Shock Coffee has quite the bitter aftertaste. But we still love it because it does the job without making you drink an unhealthy amount.

Buyers Guide: Choosing The Very Strong Coffee In The World

Of all the brands we reviewed, we will never know for sure which one makes the strongest coffee.

We all have various preferences for coffee and how much caffeine we want in our cups. With that said, we have curated a list of specifications that you would like to look out for. To help narrow down your list of the strongest coffee brands.

Amount of Caffeine

This is the most obvious and the first thing you want to check. When choosing coffee with more caffeine than your average cup. Most brands will provide you with the specific amount of caffeine it contains.


Keep in mind that you have to choose what your body can handle. We suggest that you gradually increase the amount of caffeine you consume. If you are still transitioning. You can start with brands like Banned Coffee which only has over 400mg of caffeine.

If you can’t handle caffeine, we have the best decaf coffee beans for you.

Coffee Bean Type

If you have noticed. Most of the brands we reviewed, such as Death Wish Coffee, are made with a blend of both Arabica and Robusta. If you are familiar with the two main types of beans. You will know that Arabica has less caffeine concentration but provides more flavors.

Cup of Coffee with whole bean

We recommend going for a brand made with a pure Arabica bean for the newbies. This will lessen the bitterness and give you exciting flavors. This way, it can also help you slowly increase your caffeine.

What Is Strong Coffee?

Several factors play a role in the strength of a coffee. Such as different coffee extraction methods and grinding size. Typically, a light roast coffee contains the most caffeine than a medium roast and dark roast. But you will see that almost all of the brands we mentioned are dark roasts.

The most common method that baristas use to give more caffeine. Is through adding more espresso shots than milk. This is because most of them are made with blends of the two coffee bean types.

For this reason, companies have researched and produced coffee with higher caffeine content.

whole bean medium dark roast

Strong coffees are your healthiest option to get more caffeine. Without running the risk of drinking too much coffee. After long months of research and experimenting with different bean types and roasting methods, they aim to provide you with the perfect caffeine concentration.

Benefits of Drinking Strong Coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage that we love to include in our daily routines. Some people drink for the flavor, while others use it as an energy booster to jump-start their day. This is because coffee is an excellent source of natural caffeine.

Other beverages contain caffeine, like soda. But despite soda tasting way better and more refreshing than coffee, it is not a healthy choice. Drinking coffee can give the human body several health benefits. Which you will find in our list below.

Regular Dark Roast


Coffee is rich in antioxidants because that provides mental health improvements and boosts thinking skills. This is also why some beauty products contain coffee in their ingredients.

The caffeine content that is found in coffee aids in reducing puffiness and bloating. Keep in mind that extensive research is still needed. To confirm how much caffeine is healthy for the human body and mind.

Effects on Colon and Liver

There is speculation that high caffeine may help improve severe disease progression such as hepatitis C. Research suggest that caffeine can aid bile secretion from the colon wall. [1]

This is because the cafestol palmitate in coffee enhances the activity of an enzyme that stimulates bile secretion, also known as glutathione S-transferase. (Bora, et. al., 2014)

Whole Bean on a table


Weight Loss

If you are looking for a healthy way to burn fats, coffee is proven to aid in this problem. This is because drinking coffee helps suppress your appetite for a temporary period. This also results in the loss of the desire to eat.

There is not enough research on this, but scientists believe that when certain compounds in our body are stimulated by caffeine consumption, it can generate heat that may help reduce fats.


Caffeine contains mental-energizing properties that do improve not only concentration and focus but also overall fatigue. This explains why you get a burst of energy after consuming caffeinated beverages.

Lady enjoying the rich taste of coffee with intense flavor


The Verdict

We all love the rush we get from caffeine, especially in the morning. This is why coffee is well-loved because it is an enjoyable beverage also a source of energy.

But because we love it so much, we sometimes develop a tolerance for caffeine. This is why strong coffee was produced. Black Label is the strongest coffee option for us. Due to the fact that it has enough caffeine for those who enjoy a good rush. Additionally, it tastes so good that you will not notice how strong it is.

high caffeine coffee


Keep in mind that when consuming very strong coffee, you have to know what your body can handle. It is always best to consume beverages in moderation. So if you are a casual coffee drinker looking for stronger coffee options. We hope this article helped you with that.

To learn more about the effects of caffeine. And explore more coffee options, browse our topics.