Best Commercial Coffee Maker

Best Commercial Coffee Maker

Do you want to make gallons of black coffee? Or do you want to create a specialty coffee house drink? Are you planning to put up a coffee shop business?

Everyone has their own brewing preferences. Do you want a basic model with auto shutoff or something more advanced with programmable settings and extra features? You might be wondering if there is such a thing as the ideal coffee maker.

Me and my whole coffeeholic team reviewed different coffee makers so you won’t have to. We have spent hours and hours of review to check all the best coffee makers out there.

For your next morning brew, we’ve compiled a list of the top commercial coffee makers. Including both budget and high-end models.

Keep reading until the end for answers to the most frequently asked questions about coffee makers. As well as a quick reference buyer’s guide to the best commercial coffee makers.

What’s in this article:

What is a Coffee Maker?

5 Must-Have Features for Your New Coffee Maker

Our Top 5 Commercial Coffee Makers

Here is our Top 5 Best Commercial Coffee Makers. Enjoy!

#1 BUNN 13300.0002 VP17-2SS – The Best Overall Commercial Coffee Maker

Bunn 13300 picture

With some of the most important features you’ll find in a commercial coffee maker, this Bunn brewer is at the top of our list. Two glass decanters and two warmers are included. It’s also totally portable, so all you need is a power source to use it. It’s also a breeze to make coffee with this beauty. Simply fill the machine with cold water and it will begin brewing your coffee immediately, generating 3.8 gallons of coffee every hour.

This machine is constructed of stainless steel with a black finish. Making it highly robust, elegant, and simple to clean. Stainless steel construction protects the overall build quality. Making it extremely safe and sturdy.

All you’ll need to do is pour some cold water and it’ll brew right away.

In no time, the coffee machine will create some wonderful coffee.

This device is fantastic. It looks amazing, brews excellent coffee in a flash, and makes me happy. I’m starting to think I’m in love with it. This coffee machine is excellent.

In around 3 minutes, you’ll have 12 cups of strong, smooth coffee. You can’t go wrong with this. It has an industrial feel to it, yet it works well on the kitchen counter. The most significant feature is that it makes excellent coffee.

It may be more expensive than a standard consumer-grade coffee maker, but due to the all-stainless steel design, it will last for years and still make excellent coffee. You won’t have to be concerned about hot liquids because the machine comes with a handy Splash Guard.

It also heats the rear plate when it is turned on. Is it usual for the water heater to be turned on all the time when it’s plugged in?

It makes excellent coffee. It’s quite large, but I like it. My only worry is that the water heater runs every time it is plugged in. This is true even if the front switch is set to the off position.


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#2 Moccamaster 53941 KBGV  – Most Premium Commercial Coffee Maker

moccamaster 53941 kbgv

The Technivorm Moccamaster is a high-end commercial coffee maker featuring a number of useful features for business use.

It comes in second place on our list since it has a number of extremely beneficial features that make it suitable for commercial use.

People say the hotplate takes away from the flavor; this may be true, but not for the first half-hour or so, when I need it to stay hot.

This machine is fantastic; I’ve only had it for a few months but I’m already in love with it.

It rapidly prepares delicious, smooth, hot coffee.

It’s really easy to keep clean, and it looks fantastic.

The only disadvantage is that it is extremely expensive.

But I have no regrets thus far.

Potential buyers should be informed that these parts are not dishwasher safe, so if you want them to last, you’ll have to hand wash them.

The carafe is a little light and thin.

After only a few weeks of normal use, my pot has developed some little chips and minor scratches on the bottom and around the lip.

Part of this is likely due to the fact that the pot only fits into the compartment in one direction, and even pushing it in that direction frequently results in it hitting the hotplate’s edge.

We spent a lot of time debating whether or not to make this purchase because it’s such a large commitment, but honestly, just do it!

It’s a fantastic cup of coffee every morning, and it’s so simple to use that not being caffeinated before operating isn’t a problem (we used to see our coffee at night to run our old machine).

We haven’t missed that feature in a long time because it is so quick.

It’s also simple to clean. Some customers complained that not all of the beans were moist. That is not a problem at all. Couldn’t be more pleased!

Although the silver is lighter than conventional stainless steel appliances, it still looks wonderful in my kitchen and the difference is barely discernible. It has an automatic drip or stop feature.

There is also a glass carafe to make things easier. The auto shut-off feature will relieve you of the burden of turning it off manually on a regular basis. If the coffee machine is not used for two hours, it will shut off automatically. Works well and saves electricity.

The brewing method is straightforward and ideal for delicious coffee. The gadget will only take six minutes to prepare a perfect brew once. The entire carafe quality is just excellent. No matter what fresh ground beans I use, the Moccamaster coffee maker seems to brew excellent coffee.

What pleased me was that, despite the fact that my six-month-old Moccamaster developed a hairline fracture in the plastic reservoir , it still did not leak.

It does not have whistles, and it only contain two rocker switch which can be use to turn on or off the brew and to make the temperature low or extreme. The machine is also extremely easy to operate and clean.

The long-lasting construction is a big plus. The maximum shut-off time of 100 minutes is fantastic. It comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. The coffee does not become stale. It takes six minutes to brew.

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#3 Keurig K1500 Coffee Maker – Best Commercial Coffee Maker for Small Shops

kuerig k1500 picture

The Keurig K1500 single-serve coffee machine is ideal for small shops and workplaces because of its compact size and huge reservoir. The 96-ounce water tank will allow you to pour up to 15 cups before you need to refill the reservoir. It doesn’t have a preheating feature or hot water on demand, but it prepares a cup of coffee in under a minute. Even in a busy cafe, the quick wait time makes it functional.

The brewing process is streamlined by the machine’s automatic on/off switch, which eliminates the need for you to monitor and regulate the operation. It also comes in four different brew sizes: 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz, giving you a lot of options. A feature called Strong Brew allows you to make a strong brew.

If you prefer your coffee strong, the Strong Brew function allows you to enjoy a richer, more flavorful cup.

For a machine that costs that much, the performance is consistent, it fills different levels on the same setting, and the noise is completely bearable.

My Keurig K1500 has made my life that much easier.

It’s simple to use, and it contains 90 ounces of water, so refilling it isn’t difficult…

For such a high-performing coffee maker, the pricing is fair.

Instead of utilizing chemicals to flush away coffee dregs, I just flush with a cup of water after each cup of coffee.

One thing to keep in mind is that the type of coffee you use has a significant impact on how wonderful your coffee tastes.

I use Starbucks pods (my favorite is Dark French Roast), but use any coffee pods you choose, and you’ll have a terrific cup of coffee with this fantastic Keurig!

It’s a small device with a modest footprint, measuring only 12.35 x 10.25 x 12.1 inches, making it ideal for restaurants with limited space.

One of the things you’ll appreciate about this machine is how quiet it operates.

It also eliminates the requirement for plumbing installation with its easy pour-over design.

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#4 Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio – Most Budget-Friendly Commercial Coffee Maker

hamilton beach flexbrew coffee maker picture

Introducing a programmable equipment that utilizes different types of settings so you can be awaken by the wonderful aroma of freshly made and brewed coffee. You can even have it programmed to fill some of your mugs so you don’t have to deal with the crowded Tim’s drive-thru in the morning.

I haven’t had a clog yet, but I’m a skeptic when it comes to cleaning my gear.

The Hamilton Brew has some of the best coffee-making capabilities, including a full pot, single serve, and K-cup compatibility.

With the wonderful two-way brewing machine, you can prepare a complete pot of brew with your favorite ground selections in no time.

It can also prepare a single-serve amount or provide you with any grounds.

It has both positive and negative aspects to do so.

It’s an excellent alternative for small offices because it comes with nearly 12 cup carafes on one side.

This includes a nice program configuration as well as a timer with auto pause and serve mode.

It can also turn itself off after two hours of inactivity.

It comes with K-cups that are tall enough to fit tall mugs.

It includes a high-quality pod holder.


  • the ability to brew a pot or a single cup of coffee
  • the ability to program a complete pot of coffee to brew automatically
  • components and accessories that can be readily removed
  • the ability to select the intensity of the brew (regular or bold)
  • a more flavorful cup of coffee (of course this is just my opinion)
  • It’s less expensive than a Keurig machine.


  • There is no manual shut-off for the carafe warmer plate…the only way to turn it off is to keep the single-cup brewer option, however I believe it will shut off after 2 hours.
  • The water takes a long time to heat up, whereas the Keurig merely takes a few seconds.
  • Carafe and single cup brew water reservoirs are separate.

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#5 Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System – Best All-Around Commercial Coffee Maker

nina cp307 coffee maker picture

Consider purchasing the Ninja CP307 if you enjoy trying out new ways to make coffee or tea.

It may be customized in a variety of ways, whether for tea or coffee, and that means it has a lot of settings and compartments.

For starters, it includes separate controls for coffee and tea, each of which uses modern brewing technology.

Over iced tea, you can brew your drinks incredibly hot or cold.

If you want, you can brew directly into a cup.

When you select a tea selection, the machine is smart enough to figure out how many steeps and at what temperature you’ll need to prepare your tea.

You may also use it with any brand of bagged or loose tea or coffee.

Classic, rich, specialty, over ice, and cold brew are the five strength levels available on the machine.

You can also choose from six different cup sizes, ranging from single cup to travel mug, half-carafe, and full carafe.

A clock setting is one of the programmable options, allowing you to set the machine to auto-brew your coffee at a certain hour.

The machine comes with a large number of recipes as well as the measurements that go with them.

While the recipes are excellent, the measurements provided result in drinks that are rather robust.

You’ll probably need to tweak them to find the right setting for you.

A 50-ounce thermal carafe keeps your beverage hot for up to 2 hours, while a foaming gadget turns milk into froth in seconds.

This is a fantastic coffee machine.

It’s been a few months since we’ve used it, and I love the basket, reusable mesh filter, and carafe.

There are two drawbacks.

The first issue is that the amount of coffee you can brew is a little hazy.

Instead of ‘cups,’ half carafe/full or three cup sizes are used instead of the standard ‘2,4,6, or 8’ cups.

The water reservoir comes in second.

It’s fine for the most part, although it can leak water if you don’t seat it quickly enough.

We get around this by leaving it alone and filling it with water.

Overall, this is a good machine.

I’ve become a huge NINJA fan!

It’s incredible how well the design works for making great coffee in the mornings and tea at any time (iced or piping hot).

You can also use the built-in frothier for further convenience.

For my tea making, I also bought an extra tea carafe.

It features different accessories for brewing coffee and tea, which I really like.

These flavors are never tainted in any way.

Would I recommend this product to somebody who likes coffee or tea?

Yes, absolutely!

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What is a Coffee Maker?

Best Commercial Coffee Machines

We can say that a coffee maker is a type of electric appliance that makes coffee in an instant. A coffee maker is a basic, low-tech, yet functional gadget. The hot plate at the bottom of the maker is surrounded by a heating element. A tiny hole at the bottom of the reservoir feeds a plastic hose that goes down to one end of the aluminum tube when water is poured.

The heating element in the coffee pot heats up rapidly once it is turned on. The element is cycled on and off by sensors to maintain a temperature of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit (90-96 Celsius). When the water in the aluminum tube heats, the turbulence causes bubbles. These bubbles climb through the tube’s opposite end and up an escape hose (making room for more water to enter the heating element). The exit hose is connected to a drip plate at this point. As a result, the drip coffee maker will set the carafe with filled hot coffee.

Whenever you purchase coffee beans whole, you can grind them in a coffee grinder. It’s ideal to ground the coffee beans right before brewing. Moderate to coarsely ground coffee is used in drip coffee pots, whereas fine powdered coffee is utilized in espresso machines. Espresso cannot be prepared in a drip coffee maker; instead, it must be made in an espresso machine.

Usually coffee pots feature a timer that allows them to start on their own. Some individuals prefer to prepare their coffee maker at night and set the timer so that they may wake up to freshly brewed coffee. Though handy, aficionados would object to not just grinding the coffee beans so far ahead of time. but also to the fact that once the coffee is made, it should be removed off the hot plate. When exposed to heat for an extended period of time, harsher tastes emerge, including bitterness.

How it became a Coffee Maker?

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

Melitta Bentz invented the first drip coffee maker in 1908, using a blotting paper filter. She is the fast and simple answer since the drip coffee maker is what most people think of when they hear coffee maker. The origins of the coffee maker may be traced back a little further. The coffee maker, like many other innovations, has a lengthy history. Coffee was first brewed by the Turks around 575 A.D. And it is there that the history of the coffee maker truly begins

Hundreds of drip coffee makers, all versions of the original Mr. Coffee machine, are now available on the market. Will any of the newest models go down in the annals of coffee-making history? Without a doubt, there is always opportunity for creativity and innovation. They may be found throughout the history of the coffee machine. such as the balancing siphon, which resembled a scale. A snuffer would cover the flame as the water infiltrated from one side of the mechanism to the other, cutting off the heat and letting the water cool and return to the original chamber. A vacuum coffee machine on steroids, and undoubtedly one of the most incredible concepts in the history of the world.

How Coffee Makers Work its wonders!

coffee shops

The majority of caffeine addicts start their day with an old friend: the coffee maker. You put the coffee in, add some water, and turn it on every morning, but have you ever pondered what happens inside? How does water go from the reservoir to the filter basket of coffee grounds? We’ll take a look inside a standard drip coffee maker in this post so you know precisely what’s going on when you make coffee. We’ll also look at the issues that might cause your coffee machine to break down. By the conclusion of this piece, you’ll be able to see your old buddy in a whole new light.

There are a variety of coffee makers on the market that can potentially brew a better cup of coffee. But for the purposes of this post, we’ll stick with the tried-and-true drip.

What’s Inside a Coffee Maker?

fresh coffee beans

A contemporary drip coffee maker is a remarkably straightforward machine. These coffee makers have had more than 30 years to perfect their designs. So they’re quite simple to use once you open them up.

You’ll discover three items if you remove the top of the coffee maker:

When you pour water into the pot at the start of the coffee-making cycle, it collects in a reservoir. (on the right in the picture above).

There is a shower head available (on the left-hand side of the picture). The water is sprayed over the coffee beans from the white hot-water tube. Water from the hose is directed onto a perforated plastic disc called the drip area. In certain coffee makers, where it simply drips through the perforations into the coffee grinds.

Coffee Machine Making Coffee

how much coffee

Have all of these coffee discussions whetted your appetite for a cup of joe?

As you can see, a coffee maker is about as straightforward an appliance as you can get.

The following is how it works:

Coldwater flows from the reservoir through the hole and into the orange tube as you pour it in.

The water then travels via the one-way valve, into the heating element’s aluminum tube. Isn’t it rather straightforward? By the way, the boiling-water pump is the identical one that powers a percolator-style coffee maker. As you can see, there is no mechanical pump. It has very few moving parts (except for the moving portion of the one-way valve). As a result, coffee machines are incredibly dependable.

We got a list of coffee machines for the coffee shops.

Different sophisticated features are available in various drip coffee machines. This gives you greater control over your coffee. and partially up the white tube. Because of gravity, everything happens naturally.

The resistive heating element begins to heat the aluminum tube. This happenes when the switch is turned on, and the water in the tube ultimately boils.

When the water boils, the bubbles in the white tube climb to the top. The following step is similar to what occurs in a standard aquarium filter. The tube is narrow enough, and the bubbles are large enough, for a column of water to ride upward on top of the bubbles.

The water drips evenly on the waiting coffee grinds as it goes up the white tube.

The hot water passes through the ground coffee beans. It then n absorbs their oil essence as it descends into the coffee pot.

If you are more specific and want the best 4-cup coffee makers, we have the best here.

5 Must-Have Features for Your New Coffee Maker


When it comes to making coffee, coffee enthusiasts know that temperature is crucial. Temperatures are usually between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. (The closer to 205 F the better). If you raise the temperature above the boiling point, your coffee will burn. If the water isn’t hot enough, the coffee won’t be extracted correctly from the ground beans. The temperature of the coffee once it has been brewed, on the other hand, is solely a matter of taste.

The Extreme Brew offers a unique three-setting heat option. This allows coffee lovers to choose between ordinary, hot, and extra-hot temperatures for the perfect mug of coffee.


I had an espresso maker in the kitchen for a long time and thought it would be perfect. On Saturday mornings, I’d get up and prepare us cups of cappuccino or lattes. And we’d sit around drinking our special beverages. What a belly chuckle. I never seem to have enough time to grind beans, steam milk, press coffee, clean, and do it all over again. I’m in desperate need of coffee. And I require it now. Even a lot of coffee brewers can take half a morning to prepare a pot of coffee.

For those mornings when you can’t wait to get out the door, this coffee maker is 25% quicker. You may also use the brew pause feature. This is to take a break from the brewing process and have a cup of coffee before it’s finished.


I could go on and on about the various alternatives available for coffee makers. But, in the end, it’s all about figuring out how to get the alternatives you want without going crazy. The more complicated a coffee machine is, the more it will cost. On my priority list:

● a 24-hour brew start timer that allows me to program my coffee maker the day before

● a calcium build-up-controlling self-cleaning option for those occasions. when you don’t need a whole pot of coffee, there’s a 1-4 cup setting.

● an auto-off switch so you don’t have to worry about returning home to a house that smells like burned coffee


While this is technically a control, I consider strength to be its own category. I frequently alter my mind about the strength of coffee I’m making depending on the time of day or the day of the week. I can customize the intensity of the coffee flavor. and whether my coffee is Regular or Bold by adjusting the brew strength.

The Extreme Brewer enables me to make such adjustments. which means I can alter the flavor that fills my cup without changing the coffee beans I’m using.


Filtering is necessary for several reasons. To begin with, most of the coffee we consume is made up of water. This implies that the quality of the final cup is influenced by the purity of the water. A water filter can help minimize the amount of flavor-altering contaminants in your drinking water. The coffee filter is the second most significant filter.

Disposable coffee filters are inexpensive. but they add up quickly when you have to buy a new one for each new batch of coffee. They can also be fragile, allowing coffee grinds to contaminate your beverage. They also tend to obstruct the passage of the valuable coffee bean oil. These essential oils are able to pass through gold-toned filters. Which then makes them impart extra flavor.

We already sorted the coffee makers in this lists based on the categories above, feel free to browse.

Final Words

You have read through the different reviews for each top commercials coffee maker that we have included in the list. You have also learned many things about coffee makers and you have read about the qualities that you have to look for in a good coffee maker. Now it’s time for you to choose which one in the list you would need or want to buy for your next coffee-making adventure.

For our preference, we decided to go with the BUNN 13300 since it is very durable, so it provides great quality. It is very convenient and it is portable.

However, the decision is yours to take. Whatever coffee maker you fall in love with, we’re here to tell you that the list we have provided will be a great value for your money. Enjoy your shopping, and till next time.