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Best Vietnamese Coffee

December 29, 2021| Kurt Parker

Do you want to make Vietnamese coffee at home but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! We’ve compiled a list of the best Vietnamese coffee brands.

It’s actually rather simple to begin your Vietnamese coffee journey. We can also use other brewing methods.

Vietnamese Coffee Brand

This is, instead of using a phin, Vietnam’s traditional coffee filter. Yet, you’ll need the correct beans (or blend) for your taste buds and chosen brewing technique.

Being the second-largest maker of beans of coffee, Vietnam becomes famous for this. It has Vietnamese coffee which can appeal to coffee lovers like you.

It attracts attention from coffee enthusiasts all over the globe. This is because it has Robusta and quality Arabica beans. Also, Vietnamese iced coffee is a well-known beverage all over the world.

Since you are here, we know that you are eager to know what’s the best Vietnamese coffee in the market right now.

You are lucky cause I and the whole coffeeholic team are here to make your life easier. We spent days trying out different Vietnamese coffee products to give you an in-depth review of the best coffee you’ll need to try.

Let’s get started.

What’s in this article:

  1. Saigon Phin Daklak Vietnamese Coffee (Best Overall)
  2. Chestbrew Whole Bean Grizzly Bear (Most Flavorful Coffee)
  3. Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee (Most Budget-Friendly Coffee)
  4. Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix  (Most Delicious Instant Coffee)
  5. Dalat Peaberry Highland Robusta (Finest Grain Coffee)
  6. Bach Vietnamese Coffee, Whole Bean ( Best for Cold Brew)
  7. Nguyen Coffee Supply  MOXY (100% ARABICA) (The Smoothest Blend)
  8. Mr. Phong Private Reserve Coffee (Sweet Yet Strong Coffee)

What type of coffee is used in Vietnam?

Guide for buyers of Vietnamese Coffee

How to prepare the Vietnamese coffee

Our 8 Best Vietnamese Coffee Brands

Now, let’s look at some of the best Vietnamese coffee brands you should try right now.

1. Saigon Phin Daklak Vietnamese Coffee – Best Overall


 Saigon Phin Daklak (Vietnamese Coffee)

Great for coffee lovers!

Lang Thang Coffee Co. is a coffee company based in Lang Thang, Vietnam. This is a locally produced Vietnamese brand with farms in Saigon. The Lang Thang Group also sells a variety of other goods and clothes, but coffee is their specialty. Their signature product is the well-known “Saigon Phin Dhalak.”

The taste of their Vietnamese coffee is as unique as their name. It’s a blend of Arabica, soy, and peaberry, all which are cultivated in Tay Nguyen on local Vietnamese farms.

Customers enjoy the very rich aroma as well as the coarseness of the coffee beans. It comes in a 12oz resealable package with pre-ground coffee.

Their coffee is lauded for its high caffeine content and unique flavor. This makes it one of the best Vietnamese coffee in the market today.

It’s a roasted ground coffee that’s gentle and smooth. This mix is ideal for making iced coffee in a Vietnamese manner. This coffee is a combination of Robusta, Arabica, Peaberry, and Soybeans.

The components from these are sourced from Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Also, it contains some soybeans, making it a popular traditional Vietnamese coffee. It doesn’t have the same bitterness as most higher Robusta mixes.

Saigon Phin Daklak coffee, has a mild sweetness that will give you a lift in the morning. The Saigon Phin Daklak also offers a reasonable price. This makes it one of the best Vietnamese coffee. This way, as certified coffee lovers, you can enjoy the spirit of Vietnamese-style coffee.

Why this is the best for us:

  • There are a variety of substances mixed together.
  • Without the unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Coffee grounded using traditional methods.

2. Chestbrew Whole Bean Grizzly Bear – Most Flavorful

 Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee. Medium Roast Vietnamese Coffee



A strong flavorful cup of coffee!

Do you like a strong, flavorful cup of coffee with a lot of caffeine, like old-fashioned coffee? Chestbrew Grizzly Bear is my recommendation.

From the first sip in the morning, this product has a rich, strong, and smooth flavor that will wake you up. When I grind the beans for the first time, I’m blown away by the scent. This really makes it one of the best Vietnamese Coffee.

The scent is both invigorating and enticing. It’s manufactured with 100% quality Arabica that’s been roasted to a medium roast.

It’s frequently utilized in the preparation of iced coffee. You may drink this Vietnamese coffee straight or add sweet condensed milk to make it a more flavorful iced coffee.


  • Entire beans, roasted to a medium brown.
  • Arabica coffee of exceptional quality.
  • Vietnamese origin.
  • Flavors are smooth and creamy, with a touch of chocolate.


  • Packaging is attractive.
  • The first cup of the day should be good.
  • Aroma is both refreshing and enticing.
  • It has the flavor of Vietnamese coffee.


  • It’s not for those who are looking for sweet tastes.

3. Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee – Most Budget-Friendly

Trung Nguyen Premium Blend


Trung Nguyen was founded in 1996 in the province of Ban Me Thuot. This is Vietnam’s largest coffee producer, processor, and exporter. It also created the first Vietnamese coffee shop and one of the best Vietnamese coffee brands. It now has a franchise and has now extended to other nations.

One of Trung Nguyen’s most popular ground coffees is the Premium Blend Ground Coffee. These grinds are a blend of the best Arabica and Robusta beans. They also have a strong flavor with notes of chocolate.

In comparison to other mixes and pure Arabica beans, it is medium roasted and has a reduced acidity. The flavor is deep and rich, with notes of chocolate.

This makes it one of the best Vietnamese coffee out there. It has a lower acidity level, making it easier on the stomach.

Compared to other possibilities, it is somewhat less expensive. For easy storage, it comes in a 15-ounce container. If you want coffee with a chocolate flavor, Trung Nguyen Premium Blend is a good choice. The flavor in this coffee is rich and fragrant.

In comparison to other coffee blends, it has mild acidity.


  • Robusta
  • Medium-roasted
  • Intense and scrumptious
  • Chocolate undertones and a fruity fragrance

4.Vinacafe Instant Coffee Mix – Most Delicious Instant

Vinacafe 3 in 1 Instant Coffee Mix (Regular)

Instant Coffee Goodness!

Because Vinacafe is a subsidiary of the Vietnam National Coffee Corporation, it is shortened “Vinacafe.” Vinacafe is a national brand that makes and sells some of the best instant coffee mix packets in Vietnam.

And, to your surprise, Vinacafe goods have been awarded the title of “Highest Quality Vietnamese Product” several times.

Instant Mixes with Vinacafe instant coffee are quite popular. If all you want is a cup of Vietnamese coffee that tastes nice but doesn’t cost a fortune, this is the place to go. It should not take too long to prepare.

Coffees are generally disliked as Instant Coffee Mixes. Drinkers like to brew and consume to preserve the thickness and flavor of the beverage. Yet, Vinacafe Instant Mix Vietnamese coffee stands out – in offering the same taste and texture of a brewed coffee.

They also have a Premium coffee named as Dark roast and Creamy and sweet flavor profile

One of the greatest instant coffees you’ll ever try, to be honest. We’re not big lovers of instant coffee, and we’re not saying it lightly. This one, though, gets a pass. Vinacafe 3-in-1 instant Coffee Mixes contain both Arabica and Robusta coffee beans.

They also offer Gold Premium and Original Premium packaging, both of which are of premium grade.

Both of these bundles include Arabica and Robusta coffee. If you want to try the regular flavors before moving on to the premium ones, choose the Regular 3-in-1 Instant Mix Pack.

Good taste even though it’s instant coffee. It is after all instant coffee, so don’t be surprised about this fact. Once you try this instant coffee, you’d not notice it as if it is so premium.

5. Dalat Peaberry Highland Robusta Coffee – Finest Grain


Vietnamese Dalat Peaberry Highland Robusta

These peaberry beans have a lot of caffeine. They also have a lot of acidity, and a smooth finish with chocolate undertones. This robusta coffee is almost made up of peaberries. This hails from Vietnam’s fertile grounds.

The sun-drying process of these Vietnamese coffee cherries gives it a chocolatey taste. Such that, this gives it a rich body, giving it a sophisticated and tasty brew. Many award-winning Italian espresso mixes contain this ingredient.

Vietnamese coffee beans that’s a cherry taste.

Peaberries are a type of coffee cherry with only one seed.

It has a round shape rather than a flat side. Having 4.5-star reviews on Amazon for a consistent and tasty robusta coffee. Dalat Peaberry Robusta Whole Bean Coffee is a good choice as it is one of the best Vietnamese coffee.

The rich soil in Vietnam, which develops Robusta’s inherent sweetness,. This are all responsible for its generous body, chocolaty taste, and great aftertaste. This washed, exceptionally high-quality, hand-graded highland Robusta has a little sharper, bolder character. This is when compared to the non-peaberry Robusta from the same location.

To be clear, this isn’t your typical cup of coffee. Robusta is the name of the plant. Arabica is widely consumed in the United States. Arabica is served at every coffee shop in the United States. It’s a different kind of bean entirely.

The difference between a red delicious and a granny smith apple is comparable. Robusta coffee is harsh and has nearly twice as much caffeine as Arabica coffee. Robusta, on the other hand, is tasty and high in caffeine. Robusta is commonly used in Vietnamese coffee.

Even without any sugar or creamer, this stuff is fantastic. There’s a lot of crema in this mild, delicate taste. It will also wake you up. You can use a press pot and grind the beans by hand as finely as possible without leaving a lot of muck in your cup.

If you are using french press then you might want to check out the best coffee beans for french press over here.

You can also make it more concentrated so that you can take it on long walks in little containers, and the flavor is even richer and less acidic. It’s like candy with a little sugar.

It’s a wonderful refreshing drink with rich, easy, yet robust and smooth chocolate aftertastes,

no matter how you want to enjoy and drink it!

6. Bach Vietnamese Coffee Whole Bean – Best for Cold Brew


 Bach Vietnamese Coffee, Whole Bean (Robusta 2-pack)

Bach Whole Bean is made of Vietnamese robusta grown in the highlands. The beans are roasted in a way that is between medium and dark roast. As a result, this coffee has a creamy, smooth taste with a touch of chocolate.

It goes great with condensed milk if you want your coffee to be a little sweeter.

Furthermore, it seems ten times less acidic than many American coffee brands. This may mean that you may not have any stomach issues when drinking Bach Whole Bean.


  • Whole bean, medium-dark roast
  • Robusta
  • Flavor is well-balanced and medium-strong.
  • The flavor is with touch of chocolate
  • Compared to other brands, it comes in a smaller box

Why we recommend this:

  • Can be used for cold brew coffee.
  • Acidity is low.
  • It tastes well with sugar or condensed milk.
  • It’s ideal for drip coffee.

We’ve bought a few different bags of Robusta beans from this brand to try it. To our surprise, this coffee has a great flavor and a strong caffeine level. Fantastic coffee with special Vietnamese tastes. It can be surprisingly good for cold brew. This will help wake you up in the morning.

The beans are freshly roasted too. Bach, did an excellent job in being a strong coffee, and we’ll be glad to be back for more.

This coffee really has a strong taste that works well for us. It’s also quite gentle. Although it may appear to be a contradiction in words, it is an absolutely excellent coffee.

It has a lighter flavor that can remind you of a local coffee shop’s blond roast. The caffeine buzz is also strong. It tastes nutty, mellow, and low acid. You might not enjoy it if you prefer dark, heavy-tasting coffee.

So, if you are looking for medium-dark roasted coffee beans for your drip coffee. Then, buying Bach Whole Bean may be worth a go.

7. Nguyen Coffee Supply Moxy 100% Arabica – The Smoothest Blend


Nguyen Coffee Supply is a Vietnamese coffee company based in Brooklyn. It imports whole beans via sustainable direct-trade and roasts them.

Each coffee bean from this coffee is roasted differently. This helps it to bring out its distinct taste characteristics. This wa the ideal combination of smoothness, fragrance, and nuttiness is achieved.

Moxy is their distinctive mix, which employs the uncommon arabica bean. The Arabica bean accounts for less than 10% of total coffee output in Vietnam. This makes it extra special to try. It is 100 percent arabica from a single source. It is Ground type.

Taste: Smooth and fruity without being too acidic. Wild berries, cocoa, cherry, and honey are all subtle nuances. Drip, French press, pour over, and espresso are all recommended brewing methods. You may also serve it as iced coffee.

Arabica coffee accounts for less than 10% of Vietnamese coffee output, making it unheard of in the country. Nguyen Coffee Supply is one of the few Vietnamese coffee companies that sells 100% single-origin Arabica beans. Moxy is the coffee for you if you’re seeking for a sweet and fruity brew.

It’s smooth and balanced, with aromas of wild berries, chocolate, cherry, and honey on the palate. It not only works well with drip coffee and pour-over brewing methods.

This can also work best with espresso machines. This is also great with Vietnamese Iced coffee recipes. So try this and the other Vietnamese coffee brands as well.

Why we recommend this:

  • Sweet and fruity tones
  • Top-quality Arabica beans from Vietnam
  • Pairs well with different methods of brewing
  • One of the best Vietnamese coffee brands

8. Mr. Phong Private Reserve Coffee – Sweet Yet Strong Coffee


 Mr. Phong's Private Reserve Premium Vietnamese Whole Bean Coffee

Sweet yet strong coffee

Private Reserve is an exclusive Vietnamese coffee blend, named after a Hanoi-based production manager. The best beans from Buon Ma Thuot are chosen, roasted, and combined with a small amount of “weasel” coffee.

Thousands of acres of coffee trees are nurtured by individual farm owners and their family in the Central Highlands, which provide excellent soil and a warm temperature. Each coffee tree has a huge crop of plump, red coffee berries that are ready to be plucked, washed, and dried.

To bring out a natural wealth of tastes, the bean is removed from the fruit and carefully roasted in tiny quantities. This coffee is usually made in a stainless steel phin and blended with sweetened condensed milk one cup at a time. Tastes well with all brewing procedures and cooking types.

The result is a smooth, slightly sweet coffee with a little more body. It also has ‘crema’ than regular coffee.

So this is great for people who want a smooth, somewhat sweet beverage with a little more body. It is perfect for the crema’ style that’s more than traditional coffee.


  • Blend of Robusta/Arabica and genuine domestic weasel coffee
  • Smooth and fragrant with an honest, earthy flavor.
  • A best-selling item

Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve is named after the production manager of Weasel Coffee in Hanoi. Given this coffee’s “humanized” harvesting procedure, it’s an appropriate name.

Hand-selected Arabica and Robusta beans ensure that only mature, high-quality beans end up in your cup. Weasel coffee is also added in little amounts.

The beans are then roasted over an open flame slowly and carefully. The end result is a coffee that is deep, earthy, and fragrant. I had to try this one in my search for the ideal coffee. If you enjoy a strong hazelnut flavor, it has a lot of flavor. But it’s a little too much for me.

The coffee has a pleasant flavor with a hint of caramel. I make coffee beans with automated Vietnamese coffee beans.

This is prepared with a coffee machine that produces barista-quality coffee. Another issue is that the beans are quite sticky and will clog your grinder. It tastes so much better when prepared in a french press.

Otherwise, there could be a loss of its delicious rich flavor. This coffee has no harshness. But it does have undertones of vanilla and intense cocoa overtones.

Mr. Phong’s Private Reserve will appeal to you for the following reasons:

  • Without the acidity, its flavor is rich and luscious.
  • Beans that have been carefully picked ensure that they are of the highest quality.
  • Mocha flavor with a creaminess to it.
  • One of the Vietnamese coffee brands that is a must-try.

Brew a cup of Private Reserve Vietnamese coffee to experience a creamy, mocha flavor unlike any other. You’ll enjoy waking up to it in the morning or cooling off with an iced beverage.

You’ll enjoy it, and your friends will as well!

What type of coffee is used in Vietnam?

vietnamese sipping coffee

Vietnamese coffee brands are most primarily Robusta with a little amount of Arabica. You’ve probably had a taste of the luscious Arabica as it is part of the best Vietnamese coffee brands. The reverse is true with Robusta coffee. Robusta is more potent and astringent than its relative.

Robusta beans account for 90 to 95 percent of Vietnam’s yearly coffee production. This is due to the fact that Vietnam is not the best place in the world to cultivate Arabica beans.

Yet, there are still best Vietnamese coffee beans.

Robusta can grow in a variety of conditions. Furthermore, Robusta’s production is more concentrated than Arabica’s.

What is the significance of Bean type?

authentic vietnamese coffee beans

People who consume best Vietnamese coffee brands are evenly split between those who have a “front palate” and those who have a “back palate.”

Persons who respond strongly to Vietnamese instant coffee in general are “back palate” people, while Robusta stimulates the back of the palate principally.

Vietnamese high-altitude Robusta, in example, has evolved into nearly its own subspecies. The gourmet Robusta from this region, is very excellent. This is unlike low-altitude variants and Brazilian Robusta. You may also look for ways to please your robusta palate by trying Vietnamese iced coffee.

Guide for buyers of Vietnamese Coffee

We’ve reviewed eight best Vietnamese coffee, now it’s time to guide you through what is our basis of judging. If at this point you decide to go for Colombian coffee beans, we have the best Colombian coffee beans here.

If not, lets move on.

Should you go for Arabica or Robusta Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese robusta distinguishes itself from other coffees. Vietnamese robusta has a unique flavor profile that we don’t find in arabica. The flavor of Robusta Vietnamese coffee beans is well-balanced.

Meanwhile, Arabica beans need to be mixed with other beans most of the time. We use this to balance out their flaws and to achieve a certain effect. In other words, it won’t be too bitter or have a very acidic flavor.

As a result, robusta beans have a well-balanced taste. But you have to take note that it can be a little bitter than beans that are arabica.

How to prepare the Vietnamese coffee

real vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee brands are dark roasted, which makes them taste stronger and more robust than American coffee. You can choose from ground beans, those that are best Vietnamese coffee beans or instant coffee.

Of course, several manufacturers provide medium-dark roasts as well as medium roasts. You probably want to concentrate on instant Vietnamese coffee goods to make things easier.

When compared to the ground or whole bean coffee, instant coffee is less expensive. It is also more convenient to prepare. All you have to do is pour hot water over Vietnamese coffee beans and stir it, and you’ll have a glass of coffee to enjoy.

It’s ideal for individuals who have a hectic lifestyle. It’s worth noting that instant coffee doesn’t have the same depth of taste as ground or whole beans. Such that, it can even be too bland to serve.

As a result, if you have the time to wait for your first cup of coffee in the morning, you should go for ground or whole bean coffee.

Adding Flavors

If you prefer a cup of Vietnamese coffee with added fragrances then try some Vietnamese coffee with undertones.

These can be undertones like chocolate and nuts. You should also look into the Vietnamese coffee brands that offer a variety of undertone tastes. It might be chocolaty, fruity, nutty, or something else entirely.

delicious coffee iced

Simply choose one based on your preferences; it may surprise you.

Furthermore, as you can see from the majority of the Vietnamese coffee items on our list, the additional flavor coffee brands may be prepared with either hot or cold water, and they may come with best Vietnamese coffee beans.

So, even if you’re in a hurry, you can still have a good cup of coffee in a few minutes

Final Words

Now that you’ve finished reading our Vietnamese coffee list and buyer’s guide, it’s time to choose which option is best for you. Choosing between multiple excellent coffees is never simple, but we may be able to help you narrow down your choices. For a wider variety of choices in terms of the type of coffee beans, just check out this list.

To summarize, the Saigon Phin Daklak was our favorite Vietnamese coffee. We chose this brand because it is affordable, has great taste, and the quality is superb.

However, that is not the only option on our list that is worthwhile. No matter what you choose from among the list, you’ll be guaranteed to enjoy your next sip of Vietnamese coffee.

Step-up your coffee brewing skills by reading our guides.